Undergraduate Programs

The School of Public Health offers several undergraduate degrees, as well as joint degrees and secondary fields of study.

The admissions process for undergraduate programs varies by program. Please review the undergraduate admissions page for details on the process for each program.

BS (Bachelor of Science)

Public Health 

Exercise Science - no concentration

Exercise Science - Pre-Medical concentration

Exercise Science - Pre-Dietetics concentration

Exercise Science - Pre-Athletic Training/Sport Medicine concentration

Exercise Science - Pre-Physical Therapy concentration

Joint Degree


A Secondary Field of Study (similar to a minor)

Secondary Field of Study in Public Health

Secondary Field of Study in Exercise Science

Visit the undergraduate programs sections in the Department of Exercise Science and undergraduate public health pages to learn more about the undergraduate degrees and secondary fields of study.

The school offers health and wellness courses under the designation HLWL for all undergraduates as well as a variety of activity courses (for example, yoga, running and weight lifting) which are also open to all students. A list of health and wellness courses being offered each semester can be found by selecting "Health and Wellness" under "Department/Subject" in the course search tool on the Office of the Register website