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Apply for the CTSI-CN Fall 2016 Voucher Award Program for Junior/Assistant Professor Faculty



The Collaboration and Multidisciplinary Team Science (CMTS) module of the CTSI-CN announces the Fall 2016 voucher award programInvestigators are encouraged to apply for vouchers of up to $5,000 to help support innovative high-impact research. Suggested areas of research interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

1). Immigrant/Refugee Health
2). Child/Adolescent Obesity
3). Global Child Health
4). Mobile Health Applications for Improving Health
5). Research that Reduces Cost/Time to Bring Products for Orphan Diseases to               Market

Eligible proposals must utilize multidisciplinary and/or highly collaborative approaches that are clearly highlighted in the written research plan. GWU and CNHS junior/assistant professor level faculty may apply, senior faculty are not eligible. Proposals must meet eligibility criteria to be reviewed.

Proposals that address one of the focus areas listed above and also include a statement regarding their impact within any of the following themes of the CTSI-CN will receive highest priority: 1) health of children and families 2) rare genetic diseases 3) child precursors of adult disease or 4) novel devices for pediatric care.

Budgets may request funds for services offered through the CTSI-CN ( or for supplies. If the project will utilize CTSI-CN services, please meet with a member of the CTSI-CN team that will provide the service, prior to submitting the application. Applications are limited to 2 pages (Ariel, 11 point font), including budget, timeline, and a brief description of the project in NIH format (intro, aims and research plan/strategy). All members of the research team, CTSI-CN service modules, or involved community groups that will participate should also be listed.

Projects must be completed by May 30, 2017 (no extension).

Application deadline: November 1, 2016

Questions about this RFA may be addressed to:

Sean Cleary:
Susan Knoblach:
Amanda Kasper:





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