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Participating Institutions

George Washington University

Georgetown University

Howard University

Children's National Medical Center

DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center

American University

District of Columbia Developmental Center for AIDS Research (DC D-CFAR)

DC-Center for AIDS Research (DC D-CFAR)

The District of Columbia Developmental Center for AIDS Research (DC D-CFAR) aims to lead and support the scale-up of HIV/AIDS research activities in Washington DC; assist with the development, recruitment and retention of HIV/AIDS investigators in DC; and contribute to the prevention and treatment response to the epidemic. Washington, DC has one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS among major metropolitan areas in the United States. DC D-CFAR investigators work toward making a difference in the lives of persons infected with and at risk for HIV/AIDS in the DC area.

Thespina (Nina) Yamanis, Ph.D.

Research Award - Fall 2012

The DC D-CFAR Research Awards Program provides pilot funds to early stage and new HIV/AIDS investigators to assist them in the development of their NIH-funded research careers.

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Doug Nixon, MD, PhD

Investigator Profile

Doug Nixon, MD, PhD is now the Basic Sciences Core Director of the DC D-CFAR, and also taken on the role of Ross Professor of basic science research and Chair of the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Tropical Medicine. Underscoring his strong values for mentorship and collaboration, Nixon notes that, "Training and education of younger people is crucial."

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Dr. Italo Mocchetti

NIH Award to DC D-CFAR Investigator - Dr. Italo Mocchetti

The DC D-CFAR would like to proudly congratulate Dr. Italo Mocchetti for recently receiving a new HIV/AIDS grant award from the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Mocchetti is a Professor and Vice-Chair of Neuroscience at Georgetown University Medical Center

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