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Managed Care Contracting Purchasing Specifications

Note: These specifications were written and released between 1998 and 2002. While the suggestions contained herein are still good practice, some of the supporting documentation supplied via hyperlinks to government sites may have changed since the original release.

Population-based Specifications

Adults with Behavioral Health Needs (December 2001)
Child Welfare (December 2001)
Children with Behavioral Health Needs (October 2000)
Children with Special Health Care Needs (August 2000)
Pediatric Services (Medicaid) (November 1999)
Pediatric Services (SCHIP) (April 2002)
Individuals Who Are Homeless (June 2000)

Service-related Specifications

Child Development Services (August 2000)
Immunizations (May 1998)
Pediatric Dental Care (March 2000)
Pharmaceuticals and Pharmaceutical Services (December 2001)
Prevention of Lead Poisoning (November 1998)
Reproductive Health (May 2000)
School-based Health Center Services Reimbursement (January 2002)
Tobacco-use Prevention and Cessation (October 2002)

Public Health Conditions Specifications

Diabetes (July 2000)
Epilepsy (June 2002)
HIV/AIDS (August 1999)
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (November 1999)
Tuberculosis (August 1999)

Specifications for Operational Issues

Access to Services (July 2000)
Cultural Competence (November 2001)
Memoranda of Understanding between MCOs and Public Health Agencies

Integrated Specifications

User Guide Relating to Behavioral Health (December 2001)
User Guide Relating to Pediatrics (July 2002)