Immunization Law & Policy

Project Overview

The Epidemiology of U.S. Immunization Law is supported by the CDC's National Immunization Program (CDC/NIP). The purpose of this project is to provide research and technical assistance on immunization law and policy, and its overall goal is to support improvements in standards for immunization coverage and performance in both children and adults.  Special focus is placed on public and private health insurance standards for immunization coverage and services, as well as immunization performance standards applicable to residential institutional health care providers. 


Specialized studies available through this initiative examine

  • Immunization coverage requirements for children and adults under state health insurance laws
  • Coverage standards for adults under state Medicaid plans and managed care contracts
  • Coverage practices under the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program and other public employee health benefit plans
  • Laws establishing conditions of program participation and facility licensure for nursing and other long term care facilities
  • State laws that address the use of standing orders covering immunization practice.

Technical Assistance

The project provides technical assistance to state policy makers, program administrators, and others who seek to improve immunization coverage and performance standards.  Technical assistance tools include model health insurance legislation (including customized model laws for each state), as well as personal, hands-on technical assistance in the development of public or contractual performance standards related to immunization coverage and practice.

Project Staff

Alexandra Stewart, J.D., Director
Assistant Research Professor, Department of Health Policy

Marisa Cox, M.A., M.P.H
Research Scientist, Department of Health Policy

Sara Rosenbaum, J.D.
Hirsh Professor, Department of Health Policy