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As the US health care system continues to evolve, market forces and changing personnel requirements create new and expanding roles for health care professionals. The joint Physician Assistant/Master of Public Health (MPH) Program at the George Washington University strives to fill the need for a new type of health care professional; one who has both the depth of medical knowledge and the range of leadership and policy skills to meet the challenges of future practice. Based in both the Milken Institute School of Public Health (SPH) and the School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS) the PA/MPH Program presents a graduate curriculum that blends important traditional paradigms of health care.


The PA-MSHS /MPH, provides the opportunity for students to obtain the competencies necessary to succeed in the rapidly evolving American and global health systems.

The major goals of the GWU PA/MPH Program are to:

  • Recruit diverse and intellectually curious students and develop in them a strong clinical medical and prevention knowledge base necessary to deliver the highest quality patient-centered healthcare in a variety of clinical settings worldwide.
  • Educate future health care professionals who are competent clinicians who can bring a population health orientation to their practice setting.
  • Develop practitioners for the future who integrate concepts of prevention, community-oriented primary care, and population health.
  • Graduate collaborative clinicians who will serve the healthcare needs of a worldwide community with intelligence, compassion and integrity.
  • Foster analytic thinking skills such that graduates will be able to perform a wide range of clinical tasks working with physicians, as well as assessing community health problems and addressing population health needs.
  • Nurture a sensitivity and respect for the cultural and personal beliefs of all patients and an understanding of how social, economic, and other system forces can impact health and healthcare and how these impact patient morbidity and mortality.
  • Encourage graduates to be responsive to the needs of patients and society and advocate for quality patient care regardless of patient population. 
  • Graduate practitioners who will have the information technology and research skills necessary to access and interpret the medical literature and support their ongoing professional development. 
  • Expect graduates to practice collaboratively, professionally, legally, ethically, and with integrity.

The PA/MPH program draws from a faculty in both the School of Medicine and Health Sciences and the Milken Institute SPH  to provide instruction in a wide range of subjects in medicine, public health, and professional leadership.

The purpose of the MSHS(PA)/MPH Program is to provide future clinicians with a wide range of skills in leadership, policy development, research, and community and preventive medicine. Students in the Program prepare as clinicians fulfilling all of the requirements for national certification as a physician assistant (PA) in the GW Physician Assistant Program.  The 5 MPH tracks for the joint PA/MPH programs include the following:

  • Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC) Track
  • Environmental Health Science and Policy Track
  • Epidemiology Track
  • Global Environmental Health Track
  • Health Policy Track


Admissions Requirements

If you are interested in the joint PA/MPH Program you will apply directly to the PA Program and be reviewed independently by the School of Medicine and Health Sciences (PA) and the Milken Institute School of Public Health (MPH). The School of Medicine and Health Science will contact you regarding the completion of your application and admissions decisions. The deadline for all materials is October 1st. Both the CASPA and Supplemental applications must be received and fully completed by this date. In addition, GRE results must be received by October 1st. Incomplete applications or non-receipt of GRE scores by this date will prevent the application from further review.

To save you time and money, the Department of Physician Assistant Studies, will copy your application materials and send them to the Admissions department in the Milken Institute SPH.  Do not complete the SOPHAS application or the SPH secondary application, as this will delay the processing of your application and result in your accruing increased application fees.


PA/MPH students have a cap on tuition of 11 credits each semester, which means that joint students pay the current rate per credit up to and including 11 credits for semesters that they enroll in 11 credits or more.  For example, first Fall semester in the PA/MPH program, students enroll in 15 credits.  They will pay for 11 credits  only.   Note: Tuition may increase each year beginning in the summer session, which is the beginning of the fiscal year.


Faculty for the joint PA-MSHS /MPH Program hold appointments in the Departments of:

¨      Anatomy and Cell Biology

¨      Biochemistry

¨      Emergency Medicine

-     Environmental & Occupational Health

¨      Epidemiology-Biostatistics

¨      Health Care Sciences

¨      Health Services Management & Policy        


-      Medicine

¨      Prevention and Community Health

¨      Obstetrics and Gynecology

¨      Pathology

¨      Pediatrics

¨      Pharmacology

¨      Physiology


Curriculum Overview

Students in The George Washington University PA-MSHS/MPH Program fulfill the requirements of both programs with some credits in each program counting toward joint curricular requirements. See each curriculum guide below based on the concentration.

For more information about PA requirements please go to the SMHS website for the PA program.  

Joint PA/MPH Track Options

There are 5 MPH track options for a Joint PA/MPH Program.  Click on each link for curricular information for the MPH part of the program.  For further information, please contact respective GW SPH departments and Program Directors.

PA/ MPH- Community Oriented Primary Care- 2016-2017

PA/MPH- Environmental Health Science & Policy- 2016-2017

PA/MPH- Epidemiology- 2016-2017

PA/MPH- Global Environmental Health- 2016-2017

PA/MPH- Health Policy- 2016-2017