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As one of 54 institutions in the country offering this prestigious program, Milken Institute School of Public Health is proud to collaborate with the United States Peace Corps in this academic partnership. The Peace Corps has identified a shortage of prepared public health professionals to serve the needs of their organization. As a graduate of this program you will obtain a Milken Institute School of Public Health MPH degree in any of the MPH programs, providing the academic base and professional skills; and have priority placement for the two-year public health service assignment with the Peace Corps in a developing country, providing on-the-ground training and opening doors to an unforgettable experience. The Peace Corps assignment makes good use of your academic experience as your graduate studies bring you added competence, respect, and credibility in your country of service. Your competitiveness to gain future employment in the field of public health is significantly enhanced.
Students in the Master’s Global Health Program with the Peace Corps complete MPH course work on the George Washington University campus and then enter the Peace Corps and begin their service in the assigned country. The Peace Corps experience becomes the Practicum required for the MPH degree, and generally also provides the basis for the required Culminating Experience. As Peace Corps volunteers, MPH students complete three months of intensive language, technical, and cross-cultural training followed by two years of service as public health workers. Upon satisfactory completion of the two-year Peace Corps service and the completion of the Practicum, the student returns to GW and enrolls in the Culminating Experience and is awarded the MPH degree. 


Admissions Requirements

To be eligible for this program, applicants must be accepted by both the Milken Institute School of Public Health and the Peace Corps through separate application processes. Apply to both programs simultaneously to allow sufficient time for the Peace Corps’ medical and suitability clearances to be processed. While it is best to apply simultaneously to both programs, it may be possible to apply and be accepted to the Peace Corps after you have begun your MPH. The review of applications is independent and admission to one program does not guarantee admission to the other.

Peace Corps

To join the Peace Corps, applicants must be U.S. citizens, at least 18 years old, and in good physical health. Call or write for additional information regarding eligibility criteria and the excellent benefits package (including field practicum tuition waiver, language and cultural training, living/ housing expenses in the field, medical/dental coverage, deferment of student-loan repayment, transportation expenses to and from one's assigned country, vacation time and allowances, financial readjustment allowance, and employment assistance post-service). Master’s International students should be willing to serve at any location assigned by the Peace Corps. Visit the Peace Corps website for more information.

Milken Institute School of Public Health

To join the SPH MPH program follow the application process described in the SPH Admissions web pages. Applicants must have a baccalaureate degree and submit all relevant documents by the stated application deadlines. Special MPH program requirements are detailed in the application.

Program Format

  1. Apply to The Milken Institute SPH MPH program and the Peace Corps simultaneously, and gain acceptance to both programs;
  2. Successfully complete all your on-campus class work (plan on one and one-half to two years) for the MPH with the exception of your Practicum and Culminating Experience;
  3. Peace Corps in-service training program;
  4. Deployment to your service site;
  5. Soon after you settle in, submit your Practicum proposal to your SPH Practicum Director and gain approval for your Practicum (This can not be done earlier);
  6. Carry out your Practicum and maintain communication with your SPH Practicum Director (at least quarterly, or as directed by your Practicum Director) while completing your Peace Corps assignment;
  7. Complete the Peace Corps assignment and return to The George Washington University to complete the Culminating Experience and graduate.

Visit the Milken Institute School of Public Health website for more information.


Tuition and Scholarships

The MPH degree is 45 semester credits in length. The current GW tuition rate is located in the SPH Application for Admission.
All applicants to the Milken Institute SPH graduate programs are automatically considered for all available scholarships at the time of admission. No special scholarship application is required. Qualified applicants may be awarded a one-time only, two credit Merit Scholarship and if admitted to the Master’s International Program with the Peace Corps may be awarded a three credit scholarship to cover the cost of tuition for the Practicum. Applicants may also apply for financial aid through the Office of Financial Assistance. Please see the SPH website for more details on financing your education at GW.

Program Benefits

In addition to the benefits provided from SPH, some of the other benefits from Peace Corps service may include:

  • Language, cross-cultural and technical training
  • Transportation costs to and from the country of service
  • Living and housing expenses while in overseas service
  • Medical and dental coverage
  • Vacation time and allowance
  • Cancellation or deferment of certain government education loans
  • Readjustment allowance upon completion of service (which students often use to defray tuition costs)
  • Career counseling and job search facilities as a returned Peace Corps Volunteer.


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Past Program Guides


This is the current program guide for this program. Students should follow the course requirements from the year in which they entered the program. 
Past Guides:
Guides that are not available online can be accquired from the Academic Affairs Program Coordinator in the Dean's Office.