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Tracie Seward

Program Overview

All Milken Institute School of Public Health Master’s degree applicants, current Milken Institute School of Public Health graduate students, and alumni have a unique opportunity to add a Graduate Certificate to their degree.  The graduate certificate is tailored to meet the needs of the professional public health provider. While each certificate is grounded in one of the traditional areas of public health practice, it remains flexible to assure sufficient exposure to academic course work in emerging and innovative areas such as public health communications, global health, emergency responsiveness and others.

Combining the Master’s degree in one of our academic departments with a Graduate Certificate in another department uniquely positions graduates for careers that require both breadth and depth of knowledge and skills in public health and health services.  Graduate Certificate programs are also open to applicants with a Master’s degree or higher who may wish to gain knowledge and skills in public health or health services.  Applicants without Master’s degrees (e.g. Public Health Nursing, RN) may be eligible depending upon their professional experience in public health.

The Public Health Generalist Graduate Certificate is tailored to the individual’s professional goals.  An advisor is assigned to each student to develop the Program-of-Study. 



School of Public Health and Health Services


Graduate Certificate

Public Health Generalist




                                  CORE:  15 credits

                                  ELECTIVES:  3 credits




Semester Offered


PubH 6001

Biological Concepts for Public Health



Summer 1, Fall, Spring


PubH 6002


Biostatistical Applications for Public Health



Summer 10 wk, Fall, Spring


PubH 6003


Principles and Practice of Epidemiology



Summer 10 wk, Fall, Spring


PubH 6004

Environmental and Occupational Health in a Sustainable World


Summer 1, Fall, Spring


PubH 6006

Management and Policy Approaches to Public Health



Summer 10 wk, Fall, Spring


PubH 6007

Social and Behavioral Science Methods



Summer 1, Fall, Spring



Any SPHHS Graduate Course


Advisor’s Approval




Past Program Guides

This is the current program guide for this program. Students should follow the course requirements from the year in which they entered the program. 

Past Guides:
Guides that are not available online can be accquired from the Academic Affairs Program Coordinator in the Dean's Office.

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