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View the current flyer and proposed schedule (PDF)

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Thank you for your interest in the Geiger Gibson Capstone Fellowship in Community Health Policy and Leadership.

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Participant Materials

Capstone participants prepare for the 3-day Capstone session in Washington DC by participating in a series of webinars before they arrive.

Below are materials for the upcoming webinars as well as materials from past capstone webinars.

Current Webinars - (Content posted a few days in advance of webinar)

Executive Branch Role in Health Policy

Legislative Branch Role in Health Policy

Judicial Branch Role in Health Policy

Webinar 4

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"The Geiger Gibson experience: A look back into the history of our movement, a better understanding of politics within the beltway, an interactive experience with peers, mentors and new colleagues. Invaluable."

Eugene Market
CEO, First Choice Health Centers
East Hartford, CT
Spring 2014 Cohort

"For me, one of the most significant aspects of this program was the profound connection to the history and mission of Health Centers, which begins with the fact that it is named after the two physicians – Jack Geiger and Count Gibson- largely responsible for launching the Community Health Center Movement. Throughout the three days nearly everyone we met with emphasized the importance of the Health Center mission and out collective dedication to it."

Seth Doyle
Manager, Community Health Improvement Program, Northwest Regional Primary Care Association
Seattle, WA
Spring 2014 Cohort

"The Geiger Gibson Capstone Program helped me better understand the current health policy landscape and implications for my Primary Care Association (PCA) and our member Community Health Centers (CHCs). After just three days, I had a better handle on the current and emerging health policy trends and health care reform implementation issues. In addition, the program is a fantastic networking opportunity. It was great to meet fellow PCA and CHC staff, and engage in enlightening conversations with well-respected and knowledgeable health policy leaders."

Kristen Pieper
Policy Manager, Colorado Community Health Network
Denver, CO
Fall 2013 Cohort

"The Geiger Gibson Capstone Program was extremely valuable to me. I was able see first hand the agencies and organizations that I deal with on a daily basis in my work within a Community Health Center, such as HRSA and NACHC. We met with staff from these organizations and heard directly from them about their work, their priorities, and their vision of the future of healthcare for CHC's. The other participants in the Program also provided a great value. Since all participants were highly familiar with the work of CHC's, we were able to engage in meaningful discussions about our work. And, since participants held a variety of positions within CHC's and PCA's, I was able to learn more about the differing perspectives involved in leading a CHC."

Julie Schuller
Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Sixteenth Street Community Health Center
Milwaukee, WI
Fall 2013 Cohort


"The Capstone Program exposed us to real-time policy developments, access to Capital Hill and the Administration, and a network of peers to keep it alive after we left! This is a must attend for anyone needing a crisp understanding of the Affordable Care Act should attend."

Frank Principi
Executive Director, Greater Prince William Community Health Center
Woodbridge, VA
Fall 2013 Cohort

"The Geiger Gibson Capstone gives participants two critical opportunities that you cannot get within your own health center walls. First, time with long-standing leaders in health care who offer insight into their journeys as leaders which is both informative as to their own personal impact in their own roles, but also as to things which translate back to the participants' health center worlds. Second, the opportunity to be with a really substantively diverse group of other health center leaders who share a wealth of information and are wonderful to interact with."

Naseema Shafi
COO: Whitman-Walker Health
Spring 2013 Cohort

"The Geiger Gibson Capstone Program was truly amazing. It helped me gain a clear understanding of the Health Center movement, provided me with timely information that I can take back to my center, and gave me the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with health center leaders from across the country. Great experience all around."

Kevin Kasper
Director of External Affairs, Ezras Choilim Health Center
Spring 2013 Cohort


Community Health Centers Timeline

The first community health center opened in 1965. Go back in time to the early days and then find out where the movement is today.


The Geiger Gibson Capstone Fellowship is designed to meet the professional needs of mid-level and senior staff pursuing leadership careers in community health centers and state and regional primary care associations. It is offered through a partnership with the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) as one of its Leadership Development Institutes. 

The program provides participants with the knowledge needed to understand US health policy trends and their implications for health centers. Special emphasis is placed on current and emerging health reform implementation issues. Program faculty and speakers come from senior levels of Washington’s health policy leadership community, as well as from NACHC, HRSA and the GW Department of Health Policy. 

The Capstone includes 4 interactive webinars over a one month period prior to the 3 day onsite program in Washington DC. See the attached flyer and schedule for details of the onsite program. The Capstone is offered in the Spring and the Fall of each year. 




Capstone Program Director

Merle Cunningham

Program Assistant

Corey Barton