Research Overview

At the Milken Institute School of Public Health research is pivotal for strengthening and expanding our school’s foundation. Our faculty are passionate about finding solutions to today’s most critical public health problems. The research quests of our faculty often evolve into influential public health policy and practice locally, nationally and globally.  Moreover, our drive for research excellence creates a vibrant culture of learning for our students. Students come to us from all cultures and backgrounds, ready for an intellectual journey that will take them to new frontiers of public health research, practice and leadership. Research mentorship by our faculty steers them through that journey.

Milken Institute School of Public Health STRATEGIC RESEARCH GOALS 

The strategic research goals include:

·  Foster a culture of research excellence.

·  Increase and reward externally funded research.

·  Enhance the scholarly output.

·  Elevate the visibility of Milken Institute School of Public Health research.

·  To increase the public health impact.

·  To cultivate PhD and Post Doctoral training platforms.

The Milken Institute School of Public Health research philosophy  is one of collaboration and engagement. Our researchers work hand-in-hand with a diverse group of community, private and government partners to identify unmet public health needs, to test innovative prevention models and strategies, and to evaluate to public health initiatives to ensure that they are effective and sustained in the communities that will benefit the most. 


·  Health and Healthcare Reform

·  HIV/AIDS and Other Infections Diseases

·  Healthy Societies Across the Lifespan

·  Cross-cutting innovative methodologies (including crowd sourcing and social marketing, and Mhealth technologies)


The school’s commitment to and passion for research that translates into real-world policy and practice is second to none. It is this drive that will propel us forward in the national rankings, and most importantly, it is this drive that will change and save lives.

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Recent Research Headlines

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