Welcome to the website for the 7th National Scientific Meeting of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Network (SBSRN), a collaborative network linking investigators from the 21 NIH-funded Centers for AIDS Research (CFARs). The SBSRN is intended to encourage sharing of resources; to host an annual scientific meeting; to provide a forum for a national mentoring program for junior and translational investigators; and to promote collaborative multi-site research. The District of Columbia Developmental Center for AIDS Research (DC D-CFAR) is pleased to host the 7th National Scientific Meeting on October 23-24, 2013, on the campus of The George Washington University in Washington, DC.


If the shutdown continues, there will be no official participation by NIH personnel, but we expect all other speakers and members in the panel sessions to participate as scheduled in order to ensure an engaging, informative, and productive meeting.

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