Undergraduate Programs

There are multiple options for undergraduates who are interested in pursuing a degree at the Milken Institute School of Public Health.  We offer several undergraduate majors, minors, and a joint degree program. Our graduates develop skills and foundational knowledge throughout their study by learning in the classroom, laboratory, and community.  Our students receive excellent instruction and are taught by SPH professors who are experts in their field.  Most of our students take advantage of the many opportunities Washington, DC has to offer by participating in internships and field experiences at places such as the CDC, DC Department of Health, local hospitals, National Alliance on Mental Health, NIH, PAHO, Partnership for a Healthier America, Pentagon Fit to Win, and USAID, among others.

Please review the undergraduate admissions page for details about applying to each program

BS (Bachelor of Science)

BS in Exercise Science 

BS in Nutrition Science

BS in Public Health 

BS/MPH joint degree program


Minor in Bioinformatics

Minor in Exercise Science

Minor in Nutrition Science

Minor in Public Health

Visit the undergraduate programs sections in the Department of Exercise & Nutrition Sciences and Undergraduate Public Health pages to learn more about the undergraduate degrees and minors. For more information about academic resources at GW, including tutoring,study space, and textbook access, please visit the Academic Commons  website or talk to the Academic Commons staff at Gelman Library.


All GW students are encouraged to take SPH courses, regardless of major or minor.  Our undergraduate courses (PUBH and EXNS designations) cover topics such as epidemiology, health disparities, exercise physiology, nutrition and metabolism, injury control, food systems, sport nutrition, alternative medicine, human rights, exercise and health psychology, sustainability, bioethics, and more.  In addition, SPH offers LifeStyle and Physical Activitycourses (LSPA designation) such as yoga, running, and weight lifting to all GW students.  The course search tool in the Bulletin can be used to find all of our courses.