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We’ve scoured the web to collect a list of helpful career-related articles. Read about what not to say when negotiating your salary, two simple rules of networking, the differences between a LinkedIn profile and a resume, nine mistakes that could stall your entire career, and more!

Why do you need to be on LinkedIn? Read this Forbes article to find out.

How perfect does your job need to be in order for you to find satisfaction? The answer might surprise you. Read “The Three-and-a-Half-Day Job” from The Harvard Business Review.

You need to understand the company culture in order to know if the job is a good fit, but how do you find out what the company’s culture is like? Glassdoor gives some tips here.

Hate the idea of networking? “My Two Very Simple Rules for Networking” will simplify the idea, as well as make it easier.

Read about “9 Job Mistakes That Could Stall Your Entire Career,”  including don’t waste time and don’t wait for perfection, from Forbes.

In “Craft a Sustainable Career,” The Harvard Business Review outlines “steps you can take to maximize your chances of enjoying sustainable career success over the long term.”

This article on things you didn’t know about your job search, includes information about the average number of people that apply for a job, typical timeline after the interview, and tips on how to have a successful job search.

How can you impress at your new job? Glassdoor recommends listening, clarifying expectations, and asking how you can help. Read more here.

What’s the difference between a LinkedIn profile and a resume? Lindsay Pollack examines the differences here.

This LinkedIn article on what not to say when negotiating your salary is helpful for everyone, but includes tips especially for women.


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