Weekly Tip: View Job Postings

Whether or not you’re actively searching for a job, it’s a good practice to review job postings every once in a while. Look not only at the jobs for which you’re currently qualified, but also read through the descriptions of the types of jobs to which you aspire. This will help give you an idea of the skills and qualifications you should start or continue building now in order to qualify for interesting jobs in the future. Set an alert on your calendar or phone to remind you to scan job postings every 2-3 months. You can find links to public health job databases here and here.

Career and Professional Development Opportunities, Week of 2/3/2014

This week: job search strategies workshop, job interview workshop, US Peace Corps information session, 2014 PHSR Interest Group policy breakfast, Union of Concern Scientists Science Network Workshop, GW Health Communication and Marketing lecture series. Find the latest job and internship openings on the SPHHS Jobs Database.

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Weekly Tip: Conduct Informational Interviews

Informational interviews are a great way to learn about possible career paths, research target organizations, and expand your network. Speaking with people who do work that is interesting to you can help you understand what skills and experience are needed for you to attain your career goals. Meeting with someone within an organization of interest will provide you with specific information that you can then use in a resume or cover letter to show your genuine interest in and understanding of the organization. Each time you conduct an informational interview, ask for introductions to others who can provide you with valuable information. Read our Informational Interview guide for information on how to set up and conduct informational interviews. Make it a goal to conduct two informational interviews this semester.

Alumni Career Profile: Genalle Triggiani, MPH ’11

We interviewed Genalle Triggiani, MPH ’11, safety administrator at the IT company CDW in Vernon Hills, IL. In her interview, Genalle describes her responsibilities for maintaining a safe work environment for CDW employees, what inspired her to pursue an MPH degree in occupational health, and advice for how to keep current in the field. Read the interview.

Weekly Tip: Identify Contacts

Once you have created a target list of 10-15 employers of interest you’ll want to identify a contact within each organization. The contact doesn’t necessarily need to be someone with hiring authority or someone doing the specific job you’re interested in; at this point you just want to identify an initial point of contact. LinkedIn’s company pages and alumni search function are great tools to help you do this. Stay tuned for next week’s tip on how to utilize the contacts you find.