Weekly Career Tip: Practice Introducing Yourself

You probably introduce yourself all of the time, but are you using introductions as opportunities to communicate meaningful information? While introductions shouldn’t be overly long or sound rehearsed, you can go beyond providing just your name and job title. Depending on what is appropriate for the situation, you can briefly mention a project that you’re working on or the type of opportunity that you’re looking for. Providing this kind of information can allow you to steer the conversation away from tired but safe topics such as the weather or traffic to subjects that may be of higher interest and usefulness. Learn more about how to introduce yourself by reading our Tell Me About Yourself guide.

Weekly Career Tip: Use a Professional Photo

In order to ensure that you’re making the best possible impression with your LinkedIn profile, be sure to use a professional-looking photo. Your profile photo should be a head and shoulders shot with a fairly neutral background and no other people, pets, or objects in the photo. Make sure that your photo shows you wearing business attire. If you don’t have a professional photo or are not sure if the photo you’re currently using makes the cut, stop by the LinkedIn Professional Photo Booth at the GW Career and Internship Fair on February 27th for a free professional headshot.

Weekly Career Tip: Make a List of Unknowns

Make a list of uncertainties, doubts, or questions about your career. What don’t you know? You can focus on your immediate next step or your long term plan. While it can be uncomfortable to acknowledge all of the unknowns in your future, it’s often a great first step in helping you figure out how to get moving. Once you have your list of unknowns, choose one or two items to address, and then get started doing the necessary work or research to turn those questions into answers.

EVENT: SPHHS Professional Development Workshop: Networking With Confidence 2/25

Recent SPHHS alumni and students are invited to participate in a professional development workshop focused on networking skills. In this participatory forum, you will learn the essential skills and tips for effective networking so you can project a professional image, engage with confidence and authority, and thrive in critical professional and social settings throughout your career.

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Career and Professional Development Opportunities, Week of 2/17/2014

This week: HSHPS Graduate Training Program Info Session; Your Brand, Your Story workshop; Business Etiquette dinner; Making the Most of the Career and Internship Fair for International Students workshop. Find the latest job and internship openings on the SPHHS Jobs Database.

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Weekly Career Tip: Save Job Postings

In your preparation for a job interview, have you ever gone back to a job posting, only to find out that it is no longer available? When you’re applying to jobs, be sure to save a copy of the text of each posting. Not only will doing this help you refresh yourself on the job’s responsibilities in preparation for interviews, but it can also help you in the future: when it’s time to update your resume or when you need to describe this job on future job applications.