Weekly Career Tip: Master’s vs Master

Quick grammar quiz. Which of the following is technically correct:

a. Master’s in public health
b. master’s of public health
c. Masters degree in public health
d. Master of Public Health
e. master in public health

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Answer: D

Master of Public Health is the official title of the degree. In this case the “M” in “Master” should be capitalized because it is a title. Also note that there is no possessive apostrophe in “Master.”

You can also say “I hold a master’s degree in public health.” In this case you wouldn’t capitalize the “m” in “master’s” since you are not stating the formal name of the degree but you would include the possessive apostrophe.

“Master’s” should always be followed by “degree.” Although you might see “I received my master’s in public health,” with the “degree” being implied, this usage is not technically correct.

The same rules hold true for bachelor’s degrees.

For perhaps a better explanation of this grammar rule, read this.

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