GW is Transitioning to Handshake

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COMING SOON: GW is moving to Handshake!

This summer, Handshake will replace GWork to become GW’s one-stop shop for managing the career development & recruitment needs of our students, alumni, & employers! Look for an email soon on how to access your new Handshake account!

Public Health students will still be able to access their Practicum by logging into Handshake and clicking on a link that will direct you to the Practicum site. Please contact me at if you have any questions regarding Handshake access.

Career Services Career Tip of the Week: References

Your references are one of the most important players of your job search game. These valuable people will often contribute to the final decision of the hiring manager of whether or not to make you an offer. Make sure the selection of your references occur before you begin your job search. After deciding what your target list of organizations will be, and the type of positions you will seek, reach out to professors, colleagues, former managers etc. to request a meeting. During the meeting share a few samples of the types of positions that you would like to apply for during your search and a tailored copy of your resume. You can also mention a few things that you would like for them to highlight if they agree to be a reference on your behalf. These meetings are also another opportunity for you to share your goals with someone in your professional network.

Career Services GWork Tip of the Week: Tips on Using GWork

You can access GWork for Public Health Students and Alumni by visiting

In GWork, you can request a career counseling appointment, post a resume, search for co-op experiences, internships, practicum sites, jobs, and much more. Positions posted are available for exclusive viewing by GW students and alumni. If you are unable to log into GWork, use the forgot password button on the login page. Enter your email address in the provided space and you will receive an email from GWork giving you a link to follow to set up a new password. Practice using GWork over Thanksgiving if you need a distraction from the pumpkin pie!

Career Services Tip of the Week: Networking During the Holidays

The holiday season is quickly approaching and it is a wonderful time to network. Spruce up your LinkedIn page with these tips at Why, When, and How to Use LinkedIn UPDATED.

In addition to updating your profile on LinkedIn, practice your professional introduction so that if you have an opportunity to share your current career goals you are prepared to do so. You never know who you are going to meet in at a social event!

For more information, or assistance with your LinkedIn profile and professional introduction. Make an appointment to visit Career Services.

Career Services Tip of the Week: Career Resources for International Students

If you are an International student, check out the Center for Career Services International Student Assistance page for workshops available to prepare you for your career or internship search.

Going Global is a resource available on GWork that can assist you with your search for employers who have sponsored candidates with H1B visa status. You can also conduct a search for positions abroad and learn about each country’s application and visa process.

If you are interested in working in the United States, start by visiting the International Students Office located on the 5th Floor at the Marvin Center to discuss the CPT and OPT guidelines to ensure that you are eligible.

For more information about how to use these resources, schedule a Career Services appointment on GWork.

Career Services Tip of the Week!

Become an Expert with


Memberships to the leading online learning company, are available to all GW Students, Faculty and Staff. Access the site to watch tutorial videos to learn software, creative and business skills. Courses are led by recognized industry experts and users have the ability to practice with the instructor’s files as they watch and listen. contains information on dozens of topics including Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Excel, cloud computing, game design, programming and much, much more.

Access through and sign in with your NetID and password. Already a member? Learn how to merge your account profile with your GW account.

GWork Tip: Interview Stream – Mock Interview Tool

To practice your interview skills for a upcoming interview, log into GWork, and on the right side of your home screen, click on Interview Stream. This online mock interview tool includes an option for you to select interview questions to practice. Your interview will be conducted by an avatar on your computer screen and the interview will be recorded (your computer must have a camera). If you have any questions about this feature, or any other resources available schedule an appointment to meet with a career counselor on GWork. If you are having difficulty logging into GWork submit an email to

Weekly Career Tip: Connect with Alumni Using LinkedIn

If you’re looking to reach out to new contacts in order to get information about possible career paths or opportunities, alumni have been shown to be some of the most willing people to respond. Here are a few tips about how to connect with alumni.

1. One of the best ways to find alumni is by using LinkedIn’s Find Alumni tool. Hover your mouse above the Connections tab and click the Find Alumni option. From there, you can use a number of filters to look at the profiles of various alumni that meet your search criteria.

2. Once you’ve found someone you’d like to get in touch with, see if you have any shared connections that can provide you with an introduction.

3. If you’re reaching out to someone that you’ve never met, it’s best to start by asking for information, rather than opportunities. What questions do you have about your field, a specific company, resources for finding employment? Rather than asking for a job, ask your new connection for information that can help you be more effective in your job search.

4. When an alum or new contact provides you with information, time, advice, etc., be sure to always follow up with a quick but thoughtful email. Not only is this a nice thing to do, but it will also go a long way toward building a professional relationship.

Find out more about how to use LinkedIn for career exploration and job searching by listening to the recording of our When, Why & How to Use LinkedIn webinar, found under the Event and Webinar Recordings section of the Career Resources web page.