EOH Newsletter Winter ’15-’16: Environmental and Occupational Health is on the Move and in the News

The Winter 2015-16 newsletter provides a glimpse of many achievements, publications, and news coverage of EOH professors, lecturers, students and staff.   In addition to other news and feature stories available on our webpage, the newsletter includes:

  • Student accomplishments:  Learn about changes to the Public Health Student Association inspired by an EOH student; earning an all-expenses-paid trip to Amsterdam; as well as student milestones and research topics.
  • Publications and presentations:  The topics our faculty and staff published on this winter include: kidney disease from occupational exposures; food animals and antibiotic resistance; and the hazards of living near mining sites.  Presentations made my faculty included talks on domestic animals and childhood diarrhea and new materials for healthier buildings.
  • News: Find links to more than 30 news articles, opinion pieces, and blog posts written by or quoting EOH faculty and staff.

See the Winter 2015-16 Department of Environmental and Occupational Health newsletter for details and more, including what happens to your brain when you take a walk in the woods.

Interested in learning more? Check out the feature stories on our webpage.