Exercise and Nutrition Sciences Students Win National Student Bowl Competition

What's an erogogenic aid that is a common food additive, a pH balancer, and when taken in excess can cause hypokalemia?

Don’t know? The answer is baking soda!

In May a Milken Institute SPH team proved their knowledge of sports, medicine and exercise science by answering questions such as the one above to win the 10th Annual American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Student Bowl. The Jeopardy-like competition brings together teams, each made up of three undergraduate students, from all over the nation. The Milken Institute SPH team won the Mid-Atlantic Regional competition earlier this year, which qualified them to advance to the national bowl.

Made up of students from the Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, the team was led by Geoffrey Hudson, assistant professor and director of the Exercise Physiology and Metabolism Laboratory and director of the Body Composition Laboratory and Jerome Danoff, professor emeritus. Students on the team (members and alternates) included: Jenna Abdelhadi, Abigail Symons, Noelle Dorgham. Audrey Hiedacavage and Anthony Garber.

The students prepared by studying their notes, mainly on the plane the day of the competition. “I also have an ACSM personal training textbook that we studied from," Abdelhadi said. "We quizzed each other as much as possible."

According to Abdelhadi, almost al of their classes at Milken Institute SPH fit into the Student Bowl quiz categories. In fact, the team was the only one to answer questions on exercise psychology. Other categories they were well-versed in from their studies back in DC were exercise physiology, anatomy and kinesiology.

Although it was a nerve-wracking experience, the event culminated in feelings of victory. “Winning was surreal, and it made us realize that all our hard work at GW has truly paid off," Abdelhadi said. "Also, it highlighted how amazing our program and professors are!” She would like to thank Drs. Hudson and Danoff for their help and support throughout the entire process.