Milken Institute SPH Launches Summer Institute For Students, Professionals

Milken Institute School of Public Health (Milken Institute SPH) is accepting applications for the inaugural Summer Institute, a program of intensive graduate-level short courses offered over a five-day period from July 29 through August 2.

The Summer Institute is the first intensive short course of its kind offered by Milken Institute SPH, the only public health school in the nation’s capital. For the kick off 2019 Summer Institute, two classes will be offered: “Understanding Commercial Determinants of Health” and “Responsible Conduct of Research.”

“We expect that course offerings will grow in the coming years to train public health professionals, development staff, and students to tackle some of the most difficult public health threats of our time,” said Adnan Hyder, the director of the Summer Institute and senior associate dean for research at the Milken Institute SPH. “The Summer Institute will be open to current students or working professionals from the District, across the United States and globally.”

This year’s course on commercial determinants of public health is also one of the first times such a class has been offered in this new area of public health. Hyder says that the class will offer students a conceptual understanding and framework for industry-driven determinants of health as a key to improving the public health.

In addition, the research ethics course will satisfy requirements from organizations like the National Institutes of Health for investigators, research staff and students or study personnel to be trained in responsible conduct of research.

To learn more and register for the Summer Institute, click here.