New Documentary 'Resistance' Features Professor Lance Price as an Expert

A new documentary film called Resistance explores the public health crisis posed by antibiotic resistance and in doing so highlights the research of Lance Price, PhD, a professor of environmental and occupational health at Milken Institute SPH. The new documentary aired in a special D.C. screening on June 11, an event that was followed the next day by a briefing on Capitol Hill. Price, who is featured as an expert in the documentary, talks about the rise of microorganisms that are increasingly resistant to the wonder drugs. He also talks about the link between resistance and factory farming, where animals are housed under crowded and sometimes unsanitary conditions. The DC screening of the documentary, which was produced and directed by Michael Graziano of UJI Films, was the second leg of a 50-state tour that was initiated to spark dialogue and the search for solutions to this crisis.

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