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Doctoral, Certificate, Undgergrad, MS and MPH Programs are Under Way

The George Washington University is getting ready for the start of the semester, our favorite time of year, the students are here!

The Office of Admissions is putting the finishing touches on Orientation to welcome nearly 300 new Public Health students to campus! 

New students from places like Chicago, New Zealand, New Orleans, Dayton, China just moved into their new apartments in the nation’s capital. 

The professors are updating assignments, revising curricula, brainstorming new ways to engage our 1,800 students.

I have been working in admissions for over 20 years.  Every August, the excitement starts to build.  The quiet of the summer months starts to wane.  This is my first summer at GW, but the anticipation of all the students returning, the addition of 300 new students, walking into our building for Orientation on August 26 is palpable.

The current and new students in the Milken Institute School of Public Health are becoming the leaders who will improve and shape the health of future generations.  The most rewarding aspect of working in enrollment is witnessing the growth and achievements of the students that we have met at college fairs or open houses. 

Will the new students work in the community with NIH/DC Initiative to reduce infant mortality?  Will they do their residency at Centura Health in Colorado?  Will they conduct research with the Department of Health and Human Services?  Will they work on programs for school-based violence prevention?  Will they partner with the D.C. Center for AIDS Research and monitor and evaluate HIV testing campaigns?

Yes, they will and they will do more than they or we can imagine!

I welcome back the returning students and new students.  We look forward to what you do this year and in the future.  Whatever it is, I know it will improve the health of today and tomorrow.


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