Transfer Credits Petition

Transfer Credits Petition

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Disclaimer: Per our transfer credit policy, ​students may only transfer credits taken within the past three (3) calendar years.
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* Send official transcripts to: Office of Student Services, 950 New Hampshire Avenue, NW, 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20052

Example: STAT 1001

Example:Intro to Statistics

Coursework is only accepted where a grade of B or better was received.

Example: PUBH 6003, Resource to look up classes at GW:

*This form is only for graduate level coursework.  Please see your academic advisor if you are seeking to transfer undergraduate coursework into your BS degree program

* Please note that the petition for transferring credits cannot be completed without a ​Syllabus. If you do not submit it now, please make sure to submit it ​to GWSPH Admissions ( as soon as possible.

*Transferring of credits that have been counted toward another degree program is not permitted.
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