Ann Goldman

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Ann Goldman

Director, Education Programs

School: Milken Institute School of Public Health

Department: Epidemiology


Email: Ann Goldman
Office Phone: 202-994-4581
Fax: 202-994-0082
950 New Hampshire Avenue, 520C - Floor 5 Washington DC 20052

As an Instructor at the School, Professor Goldman co-directs the Practicum and Field Laboratory Experience courses for the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. She lectures on basic epidemiological concepts and principles of cost-effectiveness and decision analysis as they apply to public health.

Professor Goldman is currently involved in cost research and implementation projects related to neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). She also participates in research on the costs of preventive measures for oral health in children. She was as a member of the Lymphatic Filariasis Support Center team in the design of a multi-country study to determine costs for national mass drug administration programs to prevent lymphatic filariasis. Prior to joining the School's faculty in 1997, Professor Goldman helped to coordinate research and educational projects in Brazil and Argentina for the GW Medical Center's Department of Medicine.

Bachelor of Arts (Journalism, History), New York University, 1981

Master of Arts (Latin American Studies, International Economics), The Johns Hopkins University, 1983

Master of Public Health (Epidemiology), The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services, 1996 

Professor Goldman has volunteered at La Clinica del Pueblo and AYUDA Legal Services Clinic.

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