Strength & Conditioning Special Interest Group

Strength & Conditioning Special Interest Group
We are pleased to announce the formation of a new Strength & Conditioning Special Interest Group (SIG). 

This S&C SIG was developed for EXNS undergraduate and graduate students interested in gathering virtually to discuss current topics in the field of Strength & Conditioning relevant to all populations including performance and tactical athletes as well as the general population. We use presentations, case studies, and guest speakers to share the latest research and evidence-based practices in the Strength & Conditioning field. Additionally, we look for students to take an active role in providing topics of interest for each discussion. The group is led by EXNS faculty and staff who are also certified strength and conditioning (CSCS) professionals.  We meet every other Friday from 11am - 12pm during the academic semester since launching the group in January 2021.  

Spring 2022 Sessions


Session Topics

March 4th

Tactical Strength Coach: From GW to Special Forces to the Police Academy

Fall 2021 Sessions


Session Topics

Sept 17th

Navigating the Early Part of an S&C Career, How to Get Started in the Field, & Deciding on the Best Certifications.

Oct 1st

Various muscular contraction types, force/tension development, force-velocity curve, power development, and how to implement all of these aspects within a training program.

Oct 15

Body Composition Measurement, Monitoring, & Performance.

Oct 29th

Aerospace & Flight Exercise Physiology ( Recording not available)

Nov 12th Protein Nutrition & Supplementation to Elevate Performance & Recovery.

Dec 3

Exploring Private & High School Strength & Conditioning as a Career.

Spring 2021 Sessions
Session Topics

Jan 22nd


Feb 5th

Developing a Coaching Philosophy

Feb 19th

Establishing Buy-in and Principles to Consider when Building an S&C Progam

March 5th

Importance of Monitoring Health, Body Composition, and Nutrition as the First Step toward Optimizing Performance

March 26th

How to Incorporate GPS and Velocity Based Training With Teams

April 9th

Physiological and Performance Implications of Exercise-Heat Stress

April 23rd

Know Your Role: Measurement vs Performance-Driven Outcomes for the S&C Coach

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