Center for Risk Science and Public Health

The George Washington University Center for Risk Science and Public Health brings together scholars and practitioners seeking to advance risk science and its application in enhancing public health. The Center is chartered by the George Washington University and resides in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health in the Milken Institute School of Public Health; it is headed by Professor George Gray. The goal of the Center is to facilitate multidisciplinary approaches to research, teaching and outreach in the risk sciences.



Our research is on the scientific underpinnings of risk analysis, tools for evaluating risks, and methods to improve the communication of risk information to citizens, journalists, legislators and other interested groups. Real-world applications inform risk science research and identify critical science needs for better risk analysis. A key focus is on the use of science for decision-making, whether by individuals or in the regulatory arena.

The Center supports the educational mission of the George Washington University through research opportunities for Masters and Doctoral students, through seminars and workshops, and by reaching out to the broad risk community through continuing professional education.

The Center is engaged in risk policy debates, bringing faculty expertise and research findings to critical issues where science and analysis play a key role in understanding both potential threats to public health and risk management solutions. The Center’s location in Washington, D.C. creates unique opportunities to work with government agencies, think-tanks, trade groups and non-governmental organizations to advance the role of risk sciences in decisions that impact public health.