Getting Started

Welcome! As a new member of the George Washington University faculty, you will be joining a diverse group of dedicated professionals. As a dynamic scholar, you were selected to join the faculty at GW because you possess a strong commitment to the classroom and an equally strong commitment to discovering new knowledge.

This page is collection of valuable resources to help you in your first days and weeks as a new faculty member. The links provided are some of the most commonly used by our faculty.

GWID - (Each faculty, staff and student is assigned a GW identification (GWID) number.  This GWID will provide you access to numerous online systems including blackboard, the Library and payroll. Department administrators can provide you with your GWID number.)

Listserv and Milken Institute School of Public Health Newsletter- Your formal GW email address will be automatically added to the appropriate Faculty Listserv. This Listserv is used to send the Faculty & Staff Newsletter each Monday. The newsletter contains information on Milken Institute School of Public Health news, upcoming events, reminders, and recent faculty accomplishments and research. If you have a preferred email address instead of your e-mail, please contact Monica Partsch in the Dean's office at  

There is also an opt-in Milken Institute School of Public Health listserv for Milken Institute School of Public Health faculty, staff, students and alumni.  This listserv provides information on speakers, activities, seminars, professional conferences, and updates on Milken Institute School of Public Health course schedule changes.  Once added to this list, anyone on the list can use the list to send public health-related announcements to all member of the list. Please send an email to Robin Delk at to get yourself added to this listserv.

Mailbox/Making Copies/Office Keys
Your department administrator will point you in the right direction to obtain office keys, locating your mailbox within your department and how to use the copy machine. 

Setting Yourself up on the University Phone/Email Directory

Faculty and staff, follow these steps to update your campus directory listing:

  1. Click the GWeb Info System link on the left side menu of myGW.
  2. Log in using your GWID and PIN. Your GWID is an eight-digit number preceded by the G . Online help is available if you aren't sure of your PIN. If you follow the instructions but are still unable to log in, see the HELP screen for information about how to request a PIN reset.
  3. From the Personal Information Menu , select "Update Addresses and Phones".  Scroll down to get to the Campus Office Address. (Skip to Step #7 for email address updates.)
  4. Click the Current link next to your campus office address. If there is no current Campus Office address listed, select Campus Office in the drop-down list for Type of Address to Insert and click Insert or edit as appropriate.
  5. Guidelines when editing your address and phone information: (for more detail consult GWeb Info System's online help):
    • Valid From should contain today's date or the future date when the address will become valid.
    • Until should be left BLANK unless you know the date when this address will cease to be valid.
    • Department name should appear in Address Line 1.
    • Building name (or street address) and suite/room/floor should appear inAddress Line 2. Address Lines 1 and 2 together should contain enough information for Mail Services to deliver your campus mail.
    • If building name appears in Address Line 2, you may enter the corresponding street address in Address Line 3. (This line will appear in the directory but not on campus mail labels.)
    • Enter CityState, and ZIP Code, but do NOT select a County or Nation.
    • Enter your Area Code.
    • Enter your Phone Number with no dashes or spaces. This field holds seven digits.
  6.  Click the Submit button to save your changes.
  7. To Update email address, select "Update E-mail Address(es)" and make appropriate updates.  Make sure to select Submit button to save your changes.
  8. That's it! You've updated your campus office address and/or email address. Your changes will be reflected in the online directory the day after you submit them. To exit GWeb Info System, click EXIT at the upper right of your screen, then close your browser window.