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As leaders in the field, our faculty are often asked to testify before Congress or are interviewed by major news outlets about their research or opinions on current public health events. The Milken Institute School of Public Health Office of Media Relations assists members of the media and elected officials in finding and contacting faculty experts for congressional testimony, newspaper and magazine article interviews or radio and television appearances.


Questions? Contact Milken Institute School of Public Health Office of Media Relations:




Kathy Fackelmann
Director of Media Relations
(202) 994-8354


Stacey DiLorenzo
Executive Director of Communications
(202) 994-8356


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Recent Releases, Advisories and Alerts

The Walsh McDermott Medal is awarded to a NAM member for distinguished service to the Academies over an extended period of time.


Obesity, nutrition, physical activity expert Bill Dietz issues a statement and is available for comment. 


A new commentary describes the Democratic and Republican parties’ positions on key aspects of the Affordable Care Act, reproductive health, older women’s health, and more.


The Geiger Gibson/RCHN Community Health Foundation Research Collaborative report highlights lessons learned from five medicaid expansion states.


Professor Patti Gravitt is the principal investigator on the grant from the National Cancer Institute.


The grant will allow Colón-Ramos to analyze a unique data set to determine how the family environment impacts diet quality among Hispanic/Latino adult and youth.


GW's Avance Center, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, and Regional Primary Care Coalition – Partner for the October 5 Event.


The courses aim to teach doctors and other healthcare professionals some of the myths and facts surrounding the use of prescription opioid painkillers.


The partnership aims to make the urgent care industry a leader in antibiotic stewardship by reducing inappropriate antibiotic use in this outpatient setting.

Study suggests people in urban areas with no exposure to livestock are becoming infected with poultry-associated MRSA via meat. More


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