Graduate Programs


Community Oriented Primary Care

The Community Oriented Primary Care Program (COPC) bridges public health and clinical care to create experts in the design, implementation, evaluation and dissemination of interventions to improve health outcomes and patient experience while lowering health care costs and eliminating health disparities.

MPH - Community Oriented Primary Care Program Overview from GW PublicHealth on Vimeo.

Public Health Communication and Marketing

The Public Health Communication & Marketing Program (PHCM) educates public health professionals to use communication and marketing as strategic tools to influence people, places, and environmental conditions in ways that advance public health objectives.

Health Promotion

The health promotion program is designed to give students experience in design, implementation and evaluation of individual, small group, and population level health interventions and prepare them for leadership positions in public health.

Maternal and Child Health

The MCH program addresses the health and well being of women, children, and families in local and global communities through interventions, policy, practice, and research.


Social & Behavioral Sciences

The PhD in Social & Behavioral Sciences in Public Health is designed to develop public health scholars at the forefront of social and behavior change.


Health Behavior

The DrPH Program in Health Behavior is designed to develop public health leaders who are skilled in the development, implementation, evaluation and communication of theory and evidence-based programs that encourage health behaviors conducive to optimal health and development in individuals, communities and populations.