Environmental and Occupational Health

The Department of Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH) works to further our understanding of how natural and human-made environments impact human health. We offer programs that challenge students to explore both the underlying science and policy remedies for topics including sustainable cities and food systems, climate change mitigation, workplace safety and risk management. With our Washington, D.C. location and active alumni network, students gain practical work experience and make important connections in a variety of industries, nonprofit organizations and government agencies

Department News

Improved cookstoves may help reduce premature deaths in the developing world linked to exposure to smoke from cooking with solid fuels.More
Professorial Lecturer Jalonne White-Newsome spoke about the disproportionate amount of pollution to which communities of color are exposed.More
DrPH student Derek Newcomer and recent MPH Alumna Kelly Bruvik are testing construction blowers at NIH to ensure they work as required.More