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We are very excited that you are learning more about the Milken Institute School of Public Health. Our team is here to assist you in every step of your journey to a school of public health. We encourage you to come visit GW, we would love to meet you and help you make the most informed and best decision! 
You can contact us at 202-994-2160 or at Or you can reach out to us directly! We look forward to meeting you on campus soon!

Alex-Aptheker.jpgName: Alex Aptheker 
 Assistant Director of Recruitment
Phone number: 202-994-4086
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Favorite thing to do in DC: Eat out at all of the amazing restaurants!

What can I help you with?
Visiting campus, admissions questions, attending events, visiting GW on the road! Connecting with a faculty member or visiting a class, and I support our military affiliated student population.



Megan-Crist.jpgName: Megan Crist
Title: Admissions Coordinator
Phone number: 202-994-0248
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Favorite thing to do in DC: Cycle the Mount Vernon Trail

What can I help you with?
I can assist with application requirements, SOPHAS processing/status, and admissions deadlines.



Morgan-Ganoe.jpgName: Morgan Ganoe
Title: Assistant Director of Admissions
Phone number: 202-994-4089
Hometown: New Market, Virginia
Favorite thing to do in DC: Playing coed volleyball on the sand courts near Lincoln Memorial!

What can I help you with?
International student needs, petitions for readmission or concentration change, IT support and access help.



Heather Renault

Name: Heather Renault
Title: Director of Admissions
Phone number: 202-994- 0554
Hometown: Stoneham, MA (just outside Boston)
Favorite thing to do in DC: I still am in awe when I take a walk at lunch and pass the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument or the White House!

What can I help you with?
I can answer many questions about visits, applications, why come to GW and more. I also can introduce you to the best people (faculty, students, or alumni) to find the best answers to any of your questions!



Mark JusticeName: Mark Justice 
Title: Associate Director, Graduate Assistantships, Scholarships & Financial Aid 
Phone number: 202-994- 4075
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Favorite thing to do in DC:  Having spent most of my life in Florida I get pretty excited when fall weather shows up.  

What can I help you with?
Navigating all aspects of the financial aid process at GWSPH.