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Health Policy and Management

Advancing health and health systems locally, nationally and globally

New in HPM: The Economic Impacts of Changes to the Affordable Care Act

Health policy experts look to us for guidance, and our department sprang into action as soon as the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate passed health care bills to assess their economic impacts. Teams led by Health Policy Professor Leighton Ku published their analyses of the Senate BRCA Bill and the House AHCA Bill with record speed.

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What is Health Policy and Management?

Health policy is a law or regulation established by governments and other institutions to influence and improve the public’s health. Health services management is focused on leadership within the healthcare system in settings such as hospitals and medical practices. These two areas work hand-in-hand to ensure that the health policies developed can be effectively implemented into the healthcare system. Our faculty’s research in areas like the Affordable Care Act, for example, have been influential as legislators, policy makers, healthcare providers, insurers and the government continue to work towards perfecting the complex healthcare law and system.

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The Department of Health Policy and Management offers a number of graduate degrees that allow students to specialize in key aspects of this broad and dynamic field.

Whether you are looking to obtain an MPH or an MHA, options are available to students both in the classroom and online. We also offer doctorate programs, joint degrees and a Master of Science in Health Policy. Only a few blocks from the Capital Building, White House and Supreme Court, health policy begins and ends in our community.

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Conducting rigorous, objective research that is translated into policy, practice and leadership is enhance by leveraging our unique location.

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Practice Experience

Our extensive partner network enables students to work with top Washington, D.C. health organizations as practice settings.

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Careers and Alumni

Earning one of our degrees can lead to a wide range of professional opportunities. Click for a sampling and alumni profiles.

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Meet Our Faculty

Leighton Ku, PhD, MPH

Professor and Director of the Center for Health Policy Research

As a health policy researcher, a public policy analyst, and an advocate, Dr. Ku's career has been built around the effort to understand and improve access to affordable health care for vulnerable populations. In his Faculty Spotlight, Dr. Ku discusses the Affordable Care Act, his research on Medicaid and one incredible collection of comic books.

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Our Department's Faculty

Department News

Zika Threat Spurs Southern States to Address Family Planning

New study in Women's Health Issues reports progress several Southern states have made to increase Zika screenings and strengthen family planning in the context of Zika.

Better Care Reconciliation Act Could Cause Loss of Nearly 1.5 Million Jobs by 2026; Almost Every State Will See Fewer Jobs and Weaker Economies

New report shows that health care sector will lose nearly one million jobs, and most medicaid expansion states will see deeper economic losses.

Amita N. Vyas Named New Editor-in-Chief of Women's Health Issues

Dr. Amita Vyas has been appointed as the new editor-in-chief of Women's Health Issues , the peer-reviewed journal of the Jacobs Institute of Women’s Health.