Integrity Quiz

After completing this short activity regarding GW’s Code of Academic Integrity, students will be able to:

  • Define the terms outlined in GW’s Code of Academic Integrity.
  • Describe unethical academic behavior(s) that would violate the code.
  • Apply principles from the code to real world academic scenarios that they might encounter as students.


The Code of Academic Integrity at The George Washington University defines the standards of academically ethical behavior that we uphold as a learning community. All Milken Institute School of Public Health students need to be aware of their rights and responsibilities as members of the GW community and as defined by our code. As you will learn in this brief module, all members of the GW and Milken Institute School of Public Health academic community are held to the highest standard in all academic activities.


  1. Read through the Code of Academic Integrity

  2. Complete this short quiz activity where you will:

    1. identify terms and definitions located within the code

    2. identify violations of the code

    3. apply the code to situations you might encounter as a student.

To access the quiz, click on the link above and enter your GWID number. To pass the quiz and complete this activity, you must score 80% (12/15). If you fail to correctly answer 80% of the questions, you will be directed back to the quiz, which you may take as many times as necessary. You must complete the quiz successfully before the start of your second semester in all Milken Institute School of Public Health programs.


  • Print out or download a copy of the code for easy reference and carefully read it through before beginning the quiz.

  • Pay special attention to “Article II: Basic Considerations”. It contains the important information you need to understand concerning academic integrity standards and your responsibilities as a GW student. The quiz questions are largely based off of this section of the code.

  • Have a dictionary or other language reference guide available in case you need to look up unfamiliar words.