2175 K Street

In addition to the main public health building at 950 New Hampshire Avenue NW, the school also houses several offices and research groups in a building at 2175 K Street NW, a short walk from the main public health building. 

Offices at 2175 K Street

Office of Communications (2nd floor)

Alumni Affairs and Development (2nd floor)

Information Technology (2nd Floor)

Center for Health and Healthcare in Schools (2nd floor)

Health Policy Staff and Faculty with Associated Research Groups (5th floor)

Facilities for Faculty & Staff Use

As with 950 New Hampshire Avenue, 2175 K street has several conference rooms that are available for faculty and staff use only.

If you are a student group or outside organization looking to reserve a public space in this building, please visit our events webpage for more information. 

To view the calendars of these rooms, GW faculty and staff will need to be logged into their @email.gwu.edu email account. 

2nd Floor

Conference Room (seats 9)

To reserve this room, please contact the 2nd floor receptionist Sara Cuschleg at (202) 994-8070

5th Floor

Large Conference Room, rm. 502 (seats 14 – 20)

Small Conference Room, rm. 517 (seats 8 – 12)

To reserve this room, please contact the 5th floor receptionist at (202) 994 - 8642.