Office of Research Excellence

 Meet Our Research Dean

Dr. Adnan Hyder


Adnan A. Hyder, MD MPH PhD

Professor and Senior Associate Dean for Research & Innovation
Head, GW Research Pod 2
Professor, Department of Global Health
Director, Center on Commercial Determinants of Health

The Office of Research Excellence takes pride in being at the forefront of providing world-class research support to achieve groundbreaking advancements in healthcare. As an institution, we are committed to improving millions of health outcomes and quality of life worldwide by providing our researchers with the necessary resources and expertise. Our dedicated teams support the research community and empower them to make significant progress by leveraging the latest technologies and innovative methodologies. Together, we are driving transformative discoveries that will substantially impact human health. Join us in our mission to revolutionize healthcare through our various collaborative channels and make a difference for the benefit of all.


Paul Ndebele


ORE Description:

The George Washington University's Milken Institute School of Public Health (GWSPH) Office of Research Excellence (ORE) is dedicated to supporting the research efforts of faculty, staff, and students within GWSPH. The ORE serves the GWSPH and its departments in different ways by offering strategic research expertise and support for various research-related functions while catalyzing research productivity. It is responsible for research coordination, compliance with applicable regulations and institutional policies, research integrity and training, research communication, contracting and enhancement, and providing service to advance research and discovery by faculty, students, staff, and individuals affiliated with GWSPH.

ORE Functions Include:

  • Research Administration and Coordination
  • Research Committees and Units Support
  • Research Communications and Marketing Promotion
  • Research Fiscal Administration
  • Research Funding Support (Intramural & Extramural)
  • Research Integrity, Compliance, and Ethics (RICE)
  • Research Measurements and Metrics Systems
  • Research System Support
  • Research Training, Enhancement, and Development

Discover our commitment to advancing public health through impactful research in our 2023 Progress Report

ORE Research Staff
Pre & Post Award Administration (Pod 2) Staff
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Rita Dikdan Yazigi, CRA

Research Pod 2 
Post-Award Grants Specialist
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Academic Program Support
Research Committee Chairs

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