Center for Health Policy Research

The Center's research activities are designed to develop practical solutions to real-world problems, to inform public debate and to assist all stakeholders in the policymaking process, based on solid, rigorous evidence. Our work emphasizes research aimed at strengthening health coverage and access, improving health care for low-income, medically underserved and vulnerable populations and strengthening the health care safety net, reducing health disparities, upgrading health information technology, tackling complex problems that are found at the intersection of public health and health care, and bolstering the health care workforce. Our research scope spans national, state, local, and sometimes even transnational issues. The Center's research serves as the training ground for new leaders in health services and public health research and policy.

In order to transfer its research and policy expertise to those who need them, CHPR faculty and staff:

  • Oversee national research and policy programs for foundations and government agencies
  • Publish in a wide array of settings aimed at reaching policy makers, from peer-reviewed journals to rapid-turnaround policy briefs on cutting-edge issues.
  • Develop textbooks and textbook materials.
  • Make presentations to examine and stimulate policy, from Congressional testimony and formal briefings for senior executive agency officials to national conferences and community forums, as well as media interviews
  • Provide technical assistance and training on a wide range of topics to federal, state and local policymakers and agencies, as well as to community and philanthropic organizations.