Event Pricing & Fees

Event Classifications

Milken Institute School of Public Health has five event classifications, and are defined as:

  • Internal: Any event hosted by a SPH student, faculty or staff member. Internal events with 75% of attendees being SPH-affiliated are not subject to booking fees.
  • Sponsored (SPH): Any internal event in collaboration with a GW department, non-SPH student organization, or external entity. SPH events in collaboration with a university department or external entity with less than 75% of attendees being SPH-affiliated are categorized as University and Sponsored (GW), respectively.
  • University: Any event hosted by a GW department or student organization. A university event with less than 75% of attendees being GW-affiliated is categorized as External.
  • Sponsored (GW): Any university event in collaboration with an external entity. Sponsored events with less than 75% of GW-affiliated attendees are categorized as External.
  • External: An event hosted by a non-GW entity. The GW University Hospital and Medical Faculty Associates (MFA) are classified as external entities.

Contact SPHspace@gwu.edu for assistance determining your event's correct classification.

All SPH event classifications, categories, daily rates, and fees may be subject to change.

Daily Rates

The following daily rates are for full day bookings. Half day rates, which are available Monday thru Friday, are one-half the daily rate.

SPH Event Space

 SPH Daily Rates
Internal        Sponsored

 GW Daily Rates
University     Sponsored


Convening Center $750 $1000 $2000 $3000 $3500
SPH Auditorium $500 $750 $1000 $1500 $2000
Exec Case Study  $350 $500 $750 $1000 $1500
Lecture Hall (each)  $150 $250 $500 $750 $1000
Classroom (each) $0 $100 $200 $350 $500

The auditorium and lecture halls serve as classroom spaces, and availability may be limited. Contact SPHspace@gwu.edu for more information on daily rates for lobbies, lounges, and individual Convening Center units.

SPH department and student organizations are not charged venue rental fees; however, an internal event with less than 75% of attendees being SPH students, faculty or staff may be subject to booking fees.

Required User Fees & Additional Booking Charges

In addition to university-mandated fees for event housekeeping/event space set up ($35.00/hr) and university police ($50.82/hr), the following are required, regardless of event classification:

  • Weekend/Holidays: Events on Saturday & Sunday, as well as major federal holidays, are subject to an additional $250 for internal and $500 charge for non-SPH events.
  • Extra Time: Events that extend beyond the event time will be charged an additional fee of $100 per hour Monday to Friday, and $200 per hour on weekends and holidays.
  • Early Access: Events requiring access to the building outside of regular operating hours will be charged $100 per hour.
  • Overnight Storage: Event organizers that store or leave materials, external furniture, and non-SPH property overnight will be charged $100 per day. For multi-day events, storage fees only apply to before and after an event's start or end date.
  • Space Holds: An event that requires set up to be completed on the previous business day, a fee of $250 (internal), $500 (university), $750 (sponsored), or $1000 (external) events will be applied to the booking rate.
  • Auditorium Overflow: The Convening Center serves as an overflow space for the auditorium, and can be booked depending on availability for $250 for SPH, $500 for university, $750 for sponsored, and $1000 for external events.

Contact SPHspace@gwu.edu for more information on user fees and charges.

Event Modifications & Cancellations

Internal department, administrative, executive committee, and staff or faculty meetings, as well as admissions & academic affairs events, are not subject to modification and cancellation fees.

Contact SPHspace@gwu.edu to modify or cancel an event via email with the following information: Event number, name, date, and desired changes. Once an event is approved, fees associated with modifications and cancellations are as follows:

  • More than 30 days: $100 fee for modifications and cancellations.
  • Modifications under 30 days: $250 for the Convening Center, Auditorium, Lecture Halls, Executive Case Study; $100 for Convening Center units, lobbies/lounges, classrooms.
  • Cancellations under 30 days: $500 for Convening Center, Auditorium, Lecture Halls, Executive Case Study; $250 for Convening Center units, lobbies/lounges, classrooms.

Submission of a booking modification request form is neither automatic nor guaranteed, and approval is dependent on the availability of the desired space or time change.

Payment & Billing

Costs owed by GW schools, departments, and student organizations must be paid via journal entry/transfer, and will be initiated by finance personnel at the SPH approximately one month after an event’s end.

Payments owed by external groups can be submitted by credit card or made payable by check to The George Washington University and directed to Milken Institute School of Public Health, Attn: Bijan Manavizadeh, 950 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Suite 700, Washington DC 20052.