Master Teacher Academy

GWSPH Master Teacher Academy Overview


The Master Teacher Academy (MTA) is a faculty-driven collective of educational leaders and role models who cultivate a culture of teaching and learning excellence within GWSPH, and in the broader public health and academic communities.  MTA membership is both an acknowledgement of teaching excellence and an opportunity to engage collaboratively with their SPH faculty colleagues and the larger school community in promoting personal teaching growth and pedagogical leadership activities.

MTA Core Activities:

1) Provide ongoing education, support, and expertise to GWSPH faculty, staff, and/or students regarding teaching excellence and pedagogical science.

Example Activities:

Hosting of faculty webinars and teaching-related opportunities (i.e. academic integrity seminars, inclusive teaching, handling “hot moments” course, advice for hybrid teaching) Serving as key implementers and promoters for the SPH Dean’s Office in testing and adopting innovative SPH teaching practices (i.e. inclusive teaching implementation, congruence of course policies [i.e. grading scales], testing teaching modalities)
  • Specifically, MTA is working in congruence with several GWSPH faculty to promote and utilize the Inclusive Teaching Toolkit, found here.
Providing one-on-one or small-group technical assistance to faculty members for teaching reviews/practices, as requested

Developing and disseminating MTA members’ internal scientific experiments / peer-reviewed articles regarding pedological excellence and innovation

3) Participate in educational/pedagogical research and disseminate GWSPH pedagogical knowledge to the wider academic and public health communities.

Example Activities:

Mentoring annual class of MTA Fellows mentored by MTA members Participation in GW Teaching Day
  • Selection of and participation in expert speaker seminars.

2) Strengthen and build MTA members’ own pedagogical expertise and provide opportunities for their growth and advancement.

Example Activities:

Participation in peer review of teaching/ internal mentorship opportunities
MTA Member Profiles

Please click here for the Master Teacher Academy Committee Member Profiles.

MTA Membership Expectations & Application Requirements

Members meet monthly or quarterly on matters relating to faculty development, pedagogical innovation, and student outcomes, deliver teaching-related programming, or engage in teaching advancement activities. These sessions may include advising the Senior Associate Dean for Academic, Student, and Faculty Affairs and their staff on these matters. Membership will be divided into categories: Emeritus MTA Members, MTA Members, and Ex Officio Members. Prospective members must have taught for GWSPH for three years prior to applying. Membership is designed for faculty members (both full- and part-time) who have consistently demonstrated teaching excellence, pedagogical innovation, and teaching-related service to GWSPH. Any information related to teaching awards, recognitions, and course evaluations (quantitative and qualitative) should be shared in the application form and 1-page recommendation letter.  Self-nominations are accepted, with a required supporting recommendation letter from the individual’s department chair or program director. The 2022 MTA Member class application cycle will open in late Fall 2022, following an introductory announcement at the GWSPH Faculty Assembly in late October; new members will be notified/inducted by the end of the calendar year.

Current MTA Members


2018 Inductees

Douglas Anderson*

Health Policy & Management, MTA Chair, 2018-2022

Tamara Henry

Prevention & Community Health

Peter LaPuma

Environmental & Occupational Health

Joel Teitelbaum

Health Policy & Management

Heather Young


2019 Inductees

Christina Heminger

Prevention & Community Health, MTA Chair, 2022-present

Heather Hoffman

Biostatistics & Bioinformatics

Manya Magnus


Allison Sylvetsky

Exercise & Nutrition Sciences

Sara Wilensky

Health Policy & Management

2022 Inductees

Sarah Axelson

Exercise & Nutrition Sciences

J. Zoe Beckerman

Health Policy & Management

Scott Quinlan


Joy Volarich

Health Policy & Management

Ex Officio Members

Jane Hyatt Thorpe

Health Policy & Management

Senior Associate Dean for Academic, Student & Faculty Affairs

Andrew Wiss

Health Policy & Management

Assistant Dean for Academic Innovation

*MTA Emeritus Member Status