Center for Health Care Quality

Improving the quality of health care and reducing disparities are critical issues for health reform - the imperative to capture and harness our considerable strength in this field is stronger than ever. The mission of the Center for Health Care Quality (CHCQ) is to advance research and scholarship that promotes evidence-based care, with heightened attention to the needs of the underserved.

Chartered in 2008, CHCQ focuses on research and implementation projects aimed at improving the quality of health care in America, with particular emphases on hospital and ambulatory quality improvement, hospital operations, health care equity, vulnerable populations, and emergency care.

Through careful study, we identify the most effective ways to improve quality of care at the organizational and community levels. CHCQ's efforts also center on careful quality measurement and the translation of evidence into practice. CHCQ works in ambulatory and hospital settings throughout the country to translate proven, evidence-based strategies into practice. The body of knowledge that is developed will support change across the continuum of care and will inform policymakers at the community, regional, state and national levels.