Our Strategic Plan

As part of the Milken Institute School of Public Health’s relentless commitment to advancing health around the globe, our 2020-23 plan serves to define objectives and deliver transformative outcomes. Through the power of education, research and innovation we create opportunities, ensuring better health for all in the future.

At GWSPH we designed a process that involved everyone at our school including multiple open and transparent conversations that ultimately generated a clear course forward for the years to come. We formed various committees to seek input on curriculum, degrees, research, recruitment, to name a few. We shared multiple drafts with many stakeholders and finally we held a series of open forums so that anyone at our school could come and voice their input. 

The process was lengthy but very successful in making everyone at our school feel part of the process. It is in this spirit of collaboration that I am proud to present the GWSPH 2020-23 strategic plan.

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