PCH Practice

Academic public health practice is an essential activity and/or partnership between members of the department and communities, institutions, and systems (including the media) with the following functions:
  • Develop, implement, evaluate, and promote programs and policies that address health disparities and demonstrably improve the public’s health
  • Foster governance and support organizations that promote healthy environments (e.g., serving as chair or playing a key role on a task force; strengthening interactive governance systems to help implement policy or programmatic approaches; designing, implementing, and evaluating the impact of interventions to alter physical, social, and organizational contexts to promote health)
  • Enhance the capacity of the community and its members to perform and/or benefit from vital public health functions through training, technical assistance, and other collaborative strategies
  • Promote the scholarship of practice by developing, integrating and applying new knowledge to improve public health in the population, and practice in public health agencies, across systems, and in community
  • Advance health equity by driving and implementing innovations from research and education through the translation of evidence to improve population health indicators