Departmental Resources for Students

As a GW student, you have many resources at your disposal through your department, the school, and the university as a whole. For a list of school and university resources available to all Milken Institute School of Public Health students, check out the Student Resources page.

Below are some additional resources (beyond what is found on the student resources page), that the department has selected as being specifically relevant and useful to Epidemiology Department students. Please consult our Department of Epidemiology Handbook for more information and resources.

Department Resources

Seminar Series
The Department of Epidemiology holds ongoing seminar series, coordinated by Dr. Alan E. Greenberg, Dr. Ann Goldman and Joseph Schmitthenner.
All are welcome. Students may use any of these seminars for professional enhancement credit. Our schedule is sent out via the Department's Listserv.
Course Registration Information

Students are encouraged to use either the MPH Epidemiology Planning Sheet: New Curriculum (for students entering in the 2019-2020 academic cycle) or MPH Epidemiology Planning Sheet: Old Curriculum (for students entering 2018 and prior) to ensure they are on the right academic track. Click here for the MPH Epidemiology Program Guide, MS Epidemiology Program Guide or MS PHMEID Program Guide.

For information and instructions on how to register for courses, please visit the website of the Office of the Registrar and select the appropriate semester.

To register for closed courses or courses with "Departmental Approval", please follow the protocol outlined below:

1. Contact the faculty member listed as the lead professor for the course, asking them to raise the cap of the course so you can be added into the course.
2. If the faculty approves the addition of a student to a course, please forward the response e-mail to our Graduate Administrative Assistants, at, and complete a Registration Transaction Form (RTF) adding the course. Do not use the RTF EZ form, which is different from the RTF form. If there is a wait list, students will be added and notified if a spot has opened.
3. The completed Registration Transaction Form (RTF) can be forwarded to our Graduate Administrative Assistants, at, or dropped off in-person at the Epi Bio department's offices during normal business hours.
4. The RTF will be signed and forwarded to the Milken Institute School of Public Health Student Records office. It can take Students Records up to seven business days to process the RTF for a student to be officially added into a course. The student can follow-up directly with Student Records to inquire about the status of a submitted RTF.
Student Employment Opportunities

The involvement of graduate students in the research activities of faculty members from the Department of Epidemiology is of paramount importance. These opportunities enhance the educational experience of students by reinforcing lessons learned in the classroom and providing practical research experience in the public heath work place.

Graduate Assistant Information

Research Assistant Information

SAS Software Licensing/Distribution

As part of The George Washington University site license agreement with the SAS Institute (, students are able to install SAS on their home computers at no cost. A student may borrow a SAS disk from the Department of Epidemiology but must be registered for a course that may require SAS. This also includes students enrolled in their CE/Practicum, FLE/Final Project, and Thesis/Dissertation.

Student Project Oversight Protocol

Please visit the Office of Research Excellence for updated Student Project Oversight Policies.

When planning to take your Practicum, Culminating Experience, thesis, dissertation or other research project, please be sure to plan ahead to receive approval on your studies. The Student Project Oversight Portal can be found here.

Be sure to work with your GW Faculty Advisor and preceptors to complete these documents.

Remember, research may NOT be started until you have received written approval from the department.

Student Research Awards

Student research awards are available from the Department of Epidemiology to support students' efforts in presenting their work at local and national public health and scientific conferences. All students enrolled in the Department of Epidemiology' MPH, MS, and PhD degree programs are eligible to receive these awards. Awards will be granted for work done as part of Departmental activities (academic work such as special project, culminating experiences or dissertations; or paid or unpaid research with Department faculty members). Since these awards are meant to encourage participation in outside conferences, GWU's and Children's National Medical Center's Research Day presentations are not eligible.

Practicum Research Fellowship Awards

The Department of Epidemiology has suspended this award at this time. Please contact if you have any questions.

Doctoral Student Fellowship Opportunities

The Department of Epidemiology offers several doctoral student fellowship opportunities every academic year.