EXNS Undergraduate Programs

In the Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, we teach students how the human body functions in response to various environmental challenges. We offer a BS in Exercise Science with five

concentration opportunities that allow students to complete pre-requisite studies for postgraduate training in health careers. Our undergraduate programs provide the preparation students need to excel in the most highly sought after health and wellness careers.

We are one of only a few U.S. schools of public health that offer a Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences. What does that mean for our students? Our Bachelor of Science (BS) programs deliver a versatile background in topics such as physiology, psychology, nutrition and exercise science. Those lessons are combined with the latest research and training in methods to promote an active and healthy lifestyle in order to improve the health of the public.

The Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences at Milken Institute School of Public Health offers the following undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science programs:


Exercise Science - no concentration

Exercise Science - Pre-Medical concentration

Exercise Science - Pre-Athletic Training/Sport Medicine concentration

Exercise Science - Pre-Physical Therapy concentration

Exercise Science - Strength and Conditioning concentration

Nutrition - no concentration

Nutrition - Nutrition Science concentration

Nutrition - Pre-Medical Professional concentration

Nutrition - Applied Nutrition concentration


Additionally, students may choose to add a minor to another major. The department offers minors:

Exercise Science


The programs above are our current programs that are accepting new students. To find program information for programs that have been retired and no longer accept new students, visit the academic program archive.

Please Note: Credits for Lifestyle, Sport and Physical Activity (LSPA) courses are now recognized toward degree requirements for any Milken Institute SPH program.