Registration Step-by-Step

 How to Register for Courses

Registration Planning

It is best to register early, as some classes fill up. Students who register on or after the first day of classes are charged a late registration fee. To plan ahead:

  • Review registration dates, policies and deadlines.
  • See which courses are being offered.
  • Make a draft list of the courses you plan to take.
  • Discuss the courses you plan to take with your advisor.
  • At least 3 days before you plan to register, check to make sure there are no holds on your account that might prevent you from registering.
Information Needed to Register

Well before your registration date, please make sure you gather the following information:

  • The Course Reference Number (CRN) for each course. This is a five-digit number that identifies the department, course and section. Each course and most laboratory and discussion sections will have a unique five-digit CRN. Course reference numbers change each semester, so make sure you are using the most up-to-date course schedule.
  • Your Nine-Digit Identification Number (GWID) - Your GWID number is nine characters - the letter "G" followed by eight numbers.
  • Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) - This is a six-digit number assigned to new students upon admission. By default, your initial PIN is your date of birth in one of two formats: (a) your birth month and year, plus the number 99 (MMYY99); or (b) your birth date in MMDDYY format. Example: If you were born January 14, 1976, try either 017699 or 011476 for your PIN. During your first GWeb registration, change your PIN to a code that only you should know. This number, together with the nine-digit identification number, creates a unique combination designed to ensure private access to your data. It is extremely important that this number be kept confidential. When you change your PIN, you will be asked to submit a security question. If you have forgotten your PIN, you will have to answer your security question in order to reset your PIN.

If you have been locked out after 5 unsuccessful PIN login attempts, please fax the following, clearly labeled as a “PIN Reset Request,” to the Banner Security Office at (202) 994-0722:

  • A copy of your GWorld card (or a government-issued ID)
  • The last 4 digits of your User ID
  • A phone number at which you can be reached

Alternatively, you can stop by the Information Systems and Services office in B-148 Rome Hall (located in the basement of the Academic Center at 801 22nd St.) to have your PIN reset.

Step-by-Step Procedures



  1. Access the online registration system by going to the My GW homepage and clicking on “GWeb Info System.
  2. Enter your nine-digit student ID number and six-digit PIN on the login screen to view the Main Menu. Click on the “Student Records and Registration Menu,” then on the “Registration Menu.” When selecting the option to Register, Drop, and/or Add Classes, you will be prompted for a term. Select the correct upcoming semester. Enter your desired Course Reference Numbers into the numbered boxes and click on “Submit Changes.” You will immediately see if you were successful.
  3. You may add additional courses by entering them in the numbered boxes. You may drop a course by selecting the Drop option in the Action Column next to the course you wish to drop. If any of your course(s) have a range of credit hours, the GWeb system automatically defaults to the lowest number of credits. If you wish to change the credits, return to the Registration Menu and click on "Change Credit Hours" to make the changes. When you are finished, you can print out a copy of your schedule by selecting the appropriate button at the bottom of the same page. Please be sure to review your schedule.
If You Have Trouble Registering

If there are problems with your registration, the system will generate an error message with further instructions. If you cannot determine what to do next, you should contact Milken Institute School of Public Health (Milken Institute School of Public Health) staff for help.

New Milken Institute School of Public Health Students who have never used GWeb - contact the Milken Institute School of Public Health Office of Admissions.

Current Students who have used GWeb successfully in the past - contact the Milken Institute School of Public Health Student Affairs Office.

Common Problems


  • Trying to register before/after you are eligible to register. Refer to the Registrar's website for exact days and times to register.
  • Trying to register when you have holds on your student account. All holds must be cleared prior to registering. For details, see the “Holds” section below.
  • Trying to register with wrong PIN. View instructions above on PIN reminders and reset requests.
  • Registering for more than one "topics" (PubH 209) course. The GWeb system sees these as duplicates. You will need to complete and submit a Registration Transaction Form (RTF) to the Milken Institute School of Public Health Office of Student Records for the course(s) you are unable to register for online.
  • Joint/Dual Degree Student, no Milken Institute School of Public Health courses processing correctly in GWeb. If you are a joint or dual degree student, the GWeb system will generally not process your Milken Institute School of Public Health registration properly. You will need to complete and submit a Registration Transaction Form (RTF) to the Office of Student Records for the course(s) you are unable to register for online.
  • If you are adding/dropping courses after the first day of class, and are petitioning to have late fees waived. See Courses and Registration for more detail.
  • Courses are closed or require departmental or instructor approval. You will need to contact the instructor or chair of the department for approval.
  • You are a non-GW student registering through the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area. Refer to the Student Handbook for registration procedures.


Holds are placed on a student's account for various reasons, for example: money due to the University, library fines, advising holds, immunization requirements not being met, academic requirements, etc. Holds can prevent you from registering, adding and dropping classes, receiving transcripts, obtaining grades or graduating. Students should check their account on GWeb at least three days prior to their registration in order to have time for holds to be cleared. To view any possible holds, click on "Personal Information Menu" then click “View Administrative Holds.” To clear a hold, contact the office that placed the hold.

After You Register
GW will send you a copy of your schedule as well as an invoice for payment within seven business days of completing web registration. The schedule will reflect the most accurate information regarding class location. If you do not receive your schedule and invoice within seven days of registration, please call the Student Accounts Office, (202) 994-7350. In instances where bills are not received by mail in a timely manner, students remain responsible for prompt payment of bills.
Please review your schedule and invoice materials carefully and note your payment due date. Return the top portion of the Schedule and Invoice to the address on the form to confirm your registration even if no payment is due.

Changing Your Schedule
If you wish to drop a course with full refund of tuition and fees, you must process the withdrawal within the registration period, before the official start of classes. (Registration ends at 8 p.m. on the last business day before the start of the new semester.) Dropping a course once classes have started leaves you liable for tuition and fee penalties. Late adds are also subject to additional fees. For further details, see Courses and Registration.

Visiting (Non-Degree) Student Registration
Visiting (non-degree) students are eligible to register for GW courses on a space-available basis. To apply for admission as a non-degree student, complete the online application through the Office of Non-Degree Students. A one-time $25 application fee must be paid to complete the online application process. The fee is waived for those who enrolled in GW courses in the past and for current GW faculty and staff members using their tuition benefits. Note that it is not necessary for non-degree applicants to include references, test scores and transcripts. Information about how to register for a course is also available at the Office of Non-Degree Students website. Please remember that completing registration incurs financial obligation. Students from institutions in the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area should register for GW classes through their home institution.

Abuse of or unauthorized use of the GWeb Information System is prohibited; anyone disrupting normal use of computer facilities or otherwise interfering with legitimate use of University systems is subject to prosecution.

Need More Help?
Visit the website for the Registrar's Office or call (202) 994-4900 for assistance. If you are hearing impaired, please call the Registration TDD phone (202) 994-4883 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. only, Monday through Friday. The Registrar's Office is located at 101 Rice Hall, 2121 I Street, NW, Washington, DC 20052.
Staff members in the Office of Student Affairs are also always willing to help.