All Milken Institute School of Public Health students register for courses online using the GWeb Information System.

New students are able to register once their Declaration of Intent and deposit have been returned. New students should contact their advisor for academic advising on selecting courses as soon as possible and then register for classes.

New international students can contact their advisor for course advice as soon as possible. However, they must wait to register until they have secured a J-1 or F-1 visa and have checked in, on campus, with the International Services Office.

All students are encouraged to register as early as possible, as some courses fill quickly. See the Registration Step-by-Step page for instructions on using the GWeb system. Below is general information about the registration and course selection process. Forms mentioned on here can be downloaded from the Academics Forms page.

Registration Dates

Always check the current registration dates and deadlines, which vary by semester. Registration schedules are posted on the Office of the Registrar webpage.

Early Registration

Students enrolled in degree and certificate programs can begin registering during the early registration period. The early registration schedule for undergraduate students is organized by the number of credits a student has earned to date. The early registration schedule for graduate students is divided into two days, based on the first letter of the student's last name (A-K and L-Z).

Approximately three to four weeks after early registration begins, registration opens to non-degree students (see below). Students may continue to register for additional courses or drop courses prior to the first day of the semester.

If you have problems or any questions regarding the registration schedule, you may contact the Office of the Registrar at (202) 994-4900 or [email protected].

Late Registration/Program Adjustment

The late registration/program adjustment period begins on the first day of classes and continues through the first two weeks of the semester. A late fee is assessed for registration during this period, unless course adds/drops are made during the same web-registration session and the credits balance out exactly. Please be advised that add/drop requests that do not meet these even exchange criteria may result in additional charges.

If you wish to add a course after it has already met, please speak with the course instructor, as you may have missed important material.

Late Adds and Drops Within First Four Weeks of the Semester (Fall/Spring)

If you wish to drop a course with 100 percent refund/cancellation of tuition and fees, you must process this drop before the official start of classes. (GWeb registration hours conclude at 8 p.m. on the last business day before classes begin.) Dropping a course once classes have started leaves you liable for tuition and fee penalties. View the schedule of fee assessments.

A course dropped during the first four weeks of classes will not appear on your transcript. Tuition will not be reduced or refunded due to the your absence from registered classes.

Initial registrations and course adds after the start of the semester will also incur late fees.

Schedule Changes After the First 2 Weeks of Classes

If you wish to make schedule changes after the two-week program adjustment period, you must do so by using the Registration Transaction Form. Please contact the Milken Institute School of Public Health Office of Student Records for assistance. Forms are available on the Academic Forms page.

Waiving Financial Penalties for Late Adds and Drops

Requests to waive the late registration fee or requests for a full or partial refund for courses dropped after the start of the semester must be made in writing using the Milken Institute School of Public Health Petition Form. Please provide justification and submit your petition to the Office of Student Records. Also submit a completed Registration Transaction Form. All such requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Forms are available on the Academic Forms page.

Course Withdrawals After the Fourth Week of the Semester

Withdrawing from a course once classes have started leaves you liable for tuition and fee penalties. View the schedule of fee assessments. A course dropped after the fourth week but before the end of the eighth week of fall or spring semesters is termed an "Authorized Withdrawal" and will be assigned a notation of “W” on your transcript.

The deadline for dropping a course without academic penalty is the end of the eighth week of classes in the fall and spring semesters. After this deadline, withdrawals are not possible except by presenting an Milken Institute School of Public Health Petition Form to the Office of Student Records. The Associate Dean for Student and Faculty Development reviews these petitions on a case-by-case basis. Failure to withdraw by these procedures can result in an extended financial obligation and a grade of “F” (Failure) or a notation of “Z” (Unauthorized Withdrawal).

If you need to drop a course after the fourth week of classes, and believe you have justification for doing so without a transcript notation of “W” and with a full or a partial refund, you must complete an Milken Institute School of Public Health Petition Form and submit this form with your completed RTF to the Office of Student Records. These petitions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. These forms are available on the Academic Forms page.

Complete Withdrawal from the University

If you wish to withdraw from the university (including all of your courses) and do not plan to return to GW to complete your degree, you must complete a Complete Withdrawal Form and submit it to the Office of Student Records. GW asks that withdrawing students complete an exit survey. Please make sure that you contact all offices that need to be informed of your leaving; failure to do so may result in additional expenses.

Course Cancellations

George Washington University reserves the right to cancel courses because of low enrollment or staffing changes. Please refer to course schedules, available through the GW Office of the Registrar, for the most up-to-date information. If the university cancels a course, 100 percent of tuition and fees will be refunded.

Maintaining Your Enrollment Status/Continuous Enrollment Policy

Once enrolled in a degree program, you are expected to be continuously registered for at least one credit during the fall and spring semesters and actively engaged in fulfilling your degree requirements until you graduate. You are considered to be continuously enrolled when you are registered for at least one credit of coursework. You do not have to be enrolled in the summer sessions if you do not wish to take courses. For further information on how to maintain your enrollment status, contact the Office of Student Records, or refer to the "Maintain Your Enrollment Status" section in the graduate or undergraduate student handbook.

International students in the U.S. on an F-1 or J-1 visa have special legal requirements for remaining enrolled. Click here for more information.

Provisionally Admitted Students

Any student admitted provisionally must meet with his or her faculty advisor prior to registration. A hold is placed on the accounts of these students to ensure they have been advised prior to registering. In order to remove this hold, ask your advisor to contact Jennifer Lyles in the Office of Recruitment and Admissions ([email protected]) to let her know you are now ready to register for courses.

Students on Academic Probation

Any student placed on academic probation must meet with his or her faculty advisor prior to registration. A hold is placed on the accounts of these students. In order to remove this hold, ask your advisor to contact Robin Delk ([email protected]) in the Office of Student Affairs to let her know you are now ready to register for courses.

Visiting (Non-Degree) Student Registration

The George Washington University makes on-campus credit courses available to non-degree, visiting students. Tuition, fee, application and registration information for visiting students is available at the Office of Non-Degree Students website. Registration priority is given to students in degree and certificate programs. All non-degree students may register for classes as space allows.

Variable Credit Hour Courses

There are a few Milken Institute School of Public Health courses (such as Special Project or Independent Study) for which variable credit registration is allowed. If you register for one of these courses, it is your responsibility to ensure that the credits match your curriculum requirements. Refer to the curriculum plan for the year in which you matriculated in your degree program to find out the number of credits that are required.

Failure to register for the correct number of credits will result in having to adjust the credit hours, which may bring about a financial penalty and a delay in graduation. Please note: The GWeb system will automatically default to the lowest credit hour when you register. To increase the credits, you will need to go back out to the Registration Menu and click on "Change Credit Hours" to make the changes.

Financial Aid Eligibility and Course Credits

Students on federal financial aid MUST register for the SAME NUMBER of credit hours as listed in their financial aid application. If you fail to register for the appropriate credit hours, your financial aid award may be lost or adjusted. Please consult the Office of Student Financial Assistance if you have any questions.

Half-Time/Full-Time Certification For Financial Aid (Graduate Students)

Certification for graduate student financial aid is based upon total number of credit hours for which you register in a given semester. Half-time status requires being registered for 5-8 credit hours; students registered for 9 credit hours or more are considered full-time. Students registered for fewer than the requisite number of credit hours may be approved for half-time or full-time certification if they are working on special projects, dissertations, residencies, internships, or practicums, or are preparing for comprehensive exams. Certification forms may be obtained from the Academic Forms page.

PubH 6010 - Independent Study

A student may register for independent study only with the approval of the faculty member offering the independent study, the student's advisor and the dean's office. To obtain approval, complete a Petition Form and a Registration Transaction Form. You may download these forms from the Academic Forms page.