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Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

Exploring the science of how physical activity and nutrition impact human health, prevent disease and promote wellness

New in EXNS: New Nutrition Course!

NEW! Introduction to Food Policy course, EXNS 2127, will be offered this Fall 2022 semester. Please consider registering for it! It is a required course for students majoring in Nutrition, who declare the Applied Nutrition concentration, and is a guided elective for students majoring in Exercise Science or who are in any of the other Nutrition concentrations!  

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What is Exercise and Nutrition Science?

Exercise and nutrition sciences is the scientific study of how lifestyle-related factors like physical activity and nutrition affect the individual as well as the health and function of communities at-large. Our students can develop their skills in a variety of areas from training elite athletes to developing public health policies aimed at nutrition and physical activity to nutrition-related interventions that reduce chronic disease and associated complications from poor diet. We not only train our students in the field of exercise and nutrition sciences, but through our research we develop new projects and programs, and influence public policy to create a lasting change on the health of the world.

Program Offerings

Graduate and Undergraduate Programs

One of only a few schools of public health with a Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences.

Our Bachelor of Science (BS) programs deliver a versatile background in topics such as physiology, psychology, nutrition and exercise science. Our master's degree students learn the more advanced science behind exercise performance, physical activity promotion, and nutrition science, as well as how to design programs that promote health and wellness at the individual, as well as at the population level.

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs



Exercise is Prevention: our research focuses on disease prevention. We believe physical activity has great impact on public health.


Practice Experience

Our extensive partner network enables students to work with top Washington, D.C. health organizations as practice settings.


Careers and Alumni

Earning one of our degrees can lead to a wide range of professional opportunities. Click below for a sampling and alumni profiles.



Kyle Levers, Ph.D., CSCS,*D

Assistant Professor, Director of Metabolism and Exercise Testing Laboratory

Dr. Levers’ professional career prior to academia was grounded in athletic performance development at the Division I collegiate level and in the private sector. After obtaining his doctoral degree, Dr. Levers founded a strength and conditioning facility in New Jersey where he served as the Director of Athletic Performance and Nutrition.

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Our Department's Faculty

Student Resources

Department Resources

As a GW student, you have many resources at your disposal through your department, the school, and the university. Click below for resources relevant to Exercise and Nutrition Science students.

Department Resources
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The Source is home to all resources for students, faculty and staff. Simply type what you're looking for into the search bar and click the icon. You can also use the category filters under "Resources" to help you locate the resource you are looking for.

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Student Life

As a student in Washington, DC, you have an opportunity to not only capitalize on all the city has to offer as a student and professional, but also on a personal level. Take advantage of all the nation's capital has to offer on your own, or join one of our student groups to experience GWSPH with your peers.

Student Life

EXNS Seminars

The Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences hosts biweekly seminars every Fall and Spring semester. All students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to attend!

View Fall 2022 Schedule Here!

Our Lab Facilities


The Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences (EXNS) operates six academic laboratories that also offer fee-based research and public testing services.


Metabolism & Exercise Testing Laboratory
phone: 202-994-2654

Academic Labs

Exercise & Nutrition Sciences Academic Laboratories
phone: 202-994-2654

Academic Labs

Lifestyle & Wellness Class Offerings

The Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences offers a range of sports and activity classes that give GW students a chance to learn a new activity or to improve their skill level while having a memorable experience with classmates.


Department News

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