Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

Exercise and Nutrition Sciences



Studying how we move and fuel our bodies.





Diet. Exercise. Everyone knows those are the basic pillars of good health, but establishing a healthy lifestyle is much more complex than “eat better, move more.” Students in the Department of Exercise and Nutrition delve into those complexities and examine the link between physical activity and nutrition and the wellbeing of an individual and their community. They then use that information to develop in-depth and detailed interventions that can help people live happier, healthier lives.




Graduate and Undergraduate Programs


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One of only a few schools of Public Health with a department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences.

Our Bachelor of Science (BS) programs deliver a versatile background in topics such as physiology, psychology, nutrition and exercise science. Our master's degree students learn the more advanced science behind exercise performance, physical activity promotion, and nutrition science, as well as how to design programs that promote health and wellness at the individual, as well as at the population level.



Meet Our Department Chair


Jennifer Sacheck

Jennifer Sacheck

Department Chair

Dr. Sacheck’s research focuses on the impact of both diet and physical activity on health outcomes, with an emphasis on pediatric health disparities. Her research has spanned the laboratory to community-, school-, and home-based studies.  Funding has included grants from the National Institutes of Health, the American Heart Association, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and well-respected local and national foundations. 

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Student Opportunities


EXNS in the US

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National Opportunities

Each semester, faculty, staff and students from EXNS practice what they teach and learn in the classroom with the goal of better health for all.


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In Our Own Community

EXNS offers a unique location in the nation's capital providing unparalleled access to the most pressing problems facing the world.


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Here on Campus

GW is home to a wide range of public health research and practice activities both within EXNS and across the university.


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Exercise is Prevention: our research focuses on disease prevention. We believe physical activity has great impact on public health.

Practice Experience

Our extensive partner network enables students to work with top Washington, D.C. health organizations as practice settings.

Careers and Alumni

Earning one of our degrees can lead to a wide range of professional opportunities. Click for a sampling and alumni profiles.





Cate Alvaro

Research Keeps it FRESH for Exercise Science Major

Senior exercise science major Cate Alvaro ‘23 remembers the moment she was sold on the Milken Institute School of Public Health for her undergraduate degree. “When I toured campus, they brought us into Milken and down into the exercise and nutrition science labs. We were able to see all the different equipment and how they were using it for a variety of research studies. I remember being really excited about that and wanting to get involved in research.” 

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Department News


Experts Recommend Caution on the Use of Non-Sugar Sweeteners

January 22, 2024

Despite ongoing concerns about the health impacts of non-sugar sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose and stevia, these sweeteners are increasingly found in a variety of foods and beverages, including those aimed at children

School-based Gardening and Food Programs May Support Healthier Food Attitudes Later in Life

January 8, 2024

School-based Gardening and Food Programs May Support Healthier Food Attitudes Later in Life

National Food Safety Expert Joins Milken Institute School of Public Health

Barbara Kowalcyk will direct the new Center for Food Safety & Nutrition Security
September 7, 2023

Barbara Kowalcyk will direct the new Center for Food Safety & Nutrition Security