Academic Forms

Below are the forms commonly needed by students in the Milken Institute School of Public Health. Most of these forms require a dean's signature, but you do not need to acquire this signature yourself. After you submit the form, it will be automatically routed to the Office of the Dean for review and approval.

General Forms

Registration Transaction Form

Use this form when you cannot register online using GWeb. See "Registration Step-by-Step" for details on using the GWeb system, and for guidance on circumstances in which the Registration Transaction Form (RTF) must be used instead. Submit by email to or in-person to the Office of Student Affairs - Student Records in Suite 200. Do not submit directly to the Registrar. 

Incomplete Contract

If a student, for reasons beyond the student's control, is unable to complete the work of the course during the term of enrollment, the instructor must approve such reasons before the date when grades must be reported. Students should meet with their academic advisor to discuss registration while working to finish an incomplete. This contract must be submitted to Student Records ( prior to the last day of the term.

Professional Enhancement Form

Professional enhancement activities supplement your academic curriculum and help prepare you to participate actively in the professional community. Students in all Milken Institute School of Public Health degree programs are required to attend eight hours of professional enhancement activities. Students must meet this requirement before applying to graduate. Download the form to learn more about this requirement and procedures for documenting your professional enhancement activities. Submit in-person to the Office of Student Affairs - Student Records or email

Emergency Loan Form (Email Link)

Milken Institute School of Public Health has an emergency loan program for students who are having short-term cash-flow difficulties. To apply, contact GSWPH Financial Aid at or 202-994-1950.

Complete Withdrawal Form

If you wish to withdraw from the university (including all of your courses) and do not plan to return to GW to complete your degree, you must complete this form and submit it to the Office of Student Records for processing. GW also asks that withdrawing students complete an exit survey; undergraduate students click here for the survey, and graduate students click here. To ensure that your withdrawal is complete, make sure that you contact all offices that need to be informed of your leaving; failure to do so may result in your incurring additional expenses. The Complete Withdrawal Form includes a partial list of these offices. Submit in-person to the Office of Student Affairs - Student Records or email

Application for Graduation

You must complete the Registrar Office's online application for graduation by the appropriate deadline. View step-by-step instructions on how to complete the online application. In general, this form must be completed by:

Graduation Term

Application Deadline

Spring March 15
Summer (participating in Spring April 1
Summer July 15
Fall November 15

If you have missed the deadline to apply, your application must be submitted on paper (to

Application for Certificate Completion

Transfer Credit Petition Form

The Transfer Credit Petition allows graduate students' previous courses,taken prior to enrolling at GW, to be considered for application toward their degree. Approval is not guaranteed.  Please use this Google form to submit a petition.  You will need to provide a transcript (if we don't have it) and a syllabus for each course.  

GWSPH Late Withdrawal Form

GWSPH students will submit this form to withdraw from a class/multiple classes when they cannot complete the action in BanWeb.


GWSPH Undergraduate Independent Study Policy and Form

Undergraduate Petition

Submit your petition to for the following reasons:

GWSPH Undergraduate Declaration Form

With this form you can

  • Declare, remove, or change a major in Exercise Science or Nutrition Science
  • Declare, remove, or change a minor in Public Health, Exercise Science, orNutrition Science*
  • Declare, remove, or change a concentration within Exercise Science (pre-medical, pre-physical therapy, pre-athletic training/sports medicine, no concentration)

This form should only be used for EXNS or PUBH majors/minors/concentrations. To declare a minor/major in another school (ex: ESIA), please use the form for that school or program.

*The Public Health minor has a waitlist. Only students notified of their acceptance off the waitlist will have their forms processed. Any student who submits a PUBH minor declaration without acceptance off the waitlist will be denied.

Refer to the Undergraduate Student Handbook for additional information and guidelines. 


Request for Certification for Half-Time / Full-Time Student Status

Certification for graduate student financial aid is based upon the total number of credit hours for which you register in a given semester. Half-time status requires being registered for 5-8 credit hours; students registered for 9 credit hours or more are considered full-time. Students registered for fewer than the requisite number of credit hours may be approved for half-time or full-time certification if they are working on their culminating experience, dissertations, residencies, internships, or practicums, or are preparing for comprehensive exams. Note: This form is not to be used by international students on F or J visas. Please visit the International Services Office website for the correct form. Submit in-person to the Office of Student Affairs - Student Records or email

GWSPH Graduate Independent Study Course Description & Form

This course is designed to provide the student with an opportunity to gain or enhance public health knowledge and to explore an area of interest related to public health research or the delivery and/or administration of health services.

Graduate Admissions Petition

Use this form for:

  • Readmission Requests 
  • Change of Program

Early submissions will ensure processing before registration to avoid complications. Students interested in petitioning are advised to first identify when course registration begins each semester to plan accordingly.

Students should NOT submit an Admissions Petition until all account holds have been rectified.

Refer to the Graduate Student Handbook for guidelines on graduate petition eligibility/requirements.

1. Readmission

  • Deadline for readmission petitions is no later than three (3) weeks prior to the first day of class. For all spring petitions, please account for university closure during winter break.
  • Students must apply for and be approved for readmission.  Requests for reeadmssion will only be accepted for readmission to the program in which originally enrolled. 
  • Readmitted students will be subject to the regulations and program requirements in effect at the time of reenrollment.

Students who have fallen out of status:

  • Students who did not register during the immediate, preceding semester/module (excluding summer sessions) or who have not taken any courses at GW in over a year, are out of status and must apply for readmission by completing an admissions petition.

Students who have been suspended:

  • Students who were suspended from GWSPH may only apply for readmission after at least one academic year has passed and must apply through SOPHAS Express.

2. Change of Concentration

  • Current students are eligible to petition to switch programs. It is recommended that students wait to submit their concentration change petition until after they have completed one semester at GW and grades have posted.
  • Prior to submitting a petition to change concentration, students must contact the program director of the desired concentration.  Students will need to indicate that they have had contact with the program director in order to submit the petition.  (For students applying to the Public Health Certificate, it is not necessary to contact a faculty member.)  Program Directors and their contact information can be found on the program-specific webpages.

Contact the Office of Admissions at or (202) 994-2160 with questions.

Graduate Records Petition

When a student wishes to make a request that requires an exception to GW or GWSPH policies and procedures, or one representing a change in program of study, a petition must be filed and approved. The Graduate Records Petition allows students to:

  • Waive a required course
  • Substitute a course for a required course
  • Attend two schools simultaneously
  • Transfer graduate credits to the GW graduate transcript
  • Register for continuous enrollment versus continuous research
  • Extend the time limit for graduation
  • Request a leave of absence  (submit to
  • Drop a course after the deadline and receive a full or partial refund
  • Add a course after the deadline and waive the late fee

Submit in-person to the Office of Student Affairs - Student Records or email

Level Change Request

Students who took a non-degree course(s) at GW prior to enrolling in a graduate degree program are eligible to have those credits applied to their graduate degree program via a level change request form. Please email to request having non-degree credits changed to graduate credits to be applied to degree program.

DrPH Forms

DrPH students need to complete several additional forms related to their Dissertation, including the Dissertation Proposal Request Form and Dissertation Committee Approval Form. These forms can be found in the DrPH section of the Resources for Students page.