Research Measurement, Methods, & Administration

Research Measurements & Methods

As part of the Office of Research Excellence, this unit can provide data analysis and metrics for the Milken Institute School of Public Health research program at the discretion of the Senior Associate Dean for Research & Innovation. These research measurement and metrics system methods are crucial for understanding the landscape of scientific research, identifying emerging trends, allocating resources effectively, and informing strategic decision-making in the research ecosystem.

Research Measurement Analysis
  • Quantifying the impact and performance of research activities
  • Commonly used metrics include citation counts, h-index, journal impact factors, and altmetrics
  • Analyzing trends, patterns, and relationships within research data
  • Identifying influential researchers, institutions, and publications
  • Evaluating the productivity and influence of individual researchers or research groups
  • Informing strategic decision-making in research planning and resource allocation
Research Metrics System Methods

A. Bibliometric Analysis:

  • Examining the publication and citation patterns of research outputs
  • Analyzing the impact and influence of scholarly publications
  • Identifying research trends, collaborations, and knowledge diffusion
  • Commonly used bibliometric indicators include citation count, h-index, and journal impact factor

B. Altmetrics:

  • Measuring the online impact and engagement of research outputs
  • Tracking and analyzing the attention received by publications on social media, news outlets, and other online platforms
  • Providing a more holistic view of research impact beyond traditional citation-based metrics
  • Indicators such as social media mentions, downloads, and policy citations

C. Peer Review and Expert Evaluation:

  • Qualitative assessment of research quality, significance, and potential impact by subject matter experts
  • Peer review processes for research proposals, publications, and grant applications
  • Expert panels and peer-review committees provide in-depth evaluation of research projects and outputs

D. Research Information Management Systems (RIMS):

  • Comprehensive platforms for collecting, managing, and analyzing research data
  • Integrated tools for tracking publications, grants, collaborations, and other research activities
  • Generating customized reports and visualizations to support research management and decision-making

E. Research Profiling and Evaluation:

  • Assessing the performance and impact of individual researchers or research groups
  • Analyzing factors such as publication output, citation patterns, funding, and collaborations
  • Providing insights into research strengths, productivity, and influence

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Research Administration & Coordination 

The Administration and Coordination Unit (ACU) is a critical component of The Office of Research Excellence. Its main objective is to provide administrative and programmatic support to the Senior Associate Dean for Research and Innovation. The ACU plays a vital role in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of research procedures, fostering collaboration, and ensuring seamless coordination among various stakeholders involved in the comprehensive research process, which includes external advisory boards. This ultimately leads to research excellence and innovation within the institution.

The Senior Associate Dean for Research and Innovation has the responsibility of overseeing the following departments:

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