Frequently Asked Questions about Giving

Q: Where can my gift make the biggest impact?

Milken Institute School of Public Health Scholarship Funds

The dedicated students who come to us do so because they are headed for the real world and want the knowledge and skills to make a positive difference. They come to us because of the reputation of our faculty and because of our proximity to where the decisions concerning public health are made. They also increasingly come to us with significant student debt. Many students and their families borrow increasingly significant amounts of money to pay for their undergraduate education.  For that reason, the school seeks significant support for graduate scholarships. These funds will enable each of our departments to provide scholarships to new students and help retain current students who need support to continue their education.

Milken Institute School of Public Health Building Fund

The Milken Institute School of Public Health building will allow us to fulfill an important role:  getting people together.  One out of our nine floors is devoted to meeting space, and here we can host our own academic events and convene events bringing together leaders from across the world of public health. At all of these events, our students will be engaged from the front row in the most important health debates of our time.

Support is needed to pay for the new building as well as to outfit labs, offices, classrooms, and meeting space. We also need resources to support technology throughout the building to enable our faculty and students to efficiently create and share ideas.

Q: What are the tax benefits of donating to The Milken Institute School of Public Health?

All gifts to GW and Milken Institute School of Public Health are tax deductible.  Following the receipt of your gift, the University will send you documentation for your tax records. Gifts of stock, securities and estate gifts may have additional tax benefits.