Behavioral Nutrition Lab
Behavioral Nutrition Lab

Behavioral Nutrition Lab

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Principal Investigator


Karina Lora, PhD, RD




Graduate Students


Jasmine Charter-Harris, MPH

Exercise Physiology and Applied Nutrition PhD Student, Nutrition Policy Concentration

Research Interests: 

The role that lifestyle modifications and behavior change have in chronic disease and obesity prevention. Social determinants of health, especially among underserved populations and prevention of obesity-related chronic diseases.

Personal Interests:

Reading, walking, going to museums.


Undergraduate Students



Anna Bautista

Biology Major, Nutrition Minor

Research Interests: 

Food security in low-income neighborhoods; How the gut microbiome is affected by ultra-processed foods.

Personal Interests:

Running, biking, playing catch (with a football).






Anthony Derosa



Research Interests: 

Finding effective ways of bridging the relationship between public health professionals and the public; Boosting health and nutrition literacy among diverse populations; Clear and effective health communication.

Personal Interests:

Cooking, working out, singing (really anything musical), yoga.






Aishwarya Grandhe

Public Health and Nutrition Major


Research Interests: 

Parent's eating habits influence on children's dietary choices.

Food as medicine approaches; Produce Prescriptions and Medically Tailored Meals. 

Personal Interests:

Cooking, walking by the monuments, exploring museums.




Annie McFee

Nutrition Major, Public Health and Psychological and Brain Sciences Minor


Research Interests: 

Childhood and adolescent nutrition access in rural communities, specifically the Southern Appalachian region. 

Personal Interests:

Listening to music and taking walks outside with my dog!





Sarah Patton

BS/MPH Public Health Nutrition Major


Research Interests: 

Eating disorders among female athletes and the impact of a plant-based diet for weight loss strategies. 

Personal Interests:

Soccer, cooking, traveling.


Lab Alumni


Amelia Morgan


Research Interests: 

Social determinants of health in underserved populations, food access, food insecurity.

Personal Interests:

Cooking and baking, running, listening to podcasts and exploring coffee shops in DC! 






Maria Hayes Navas


Research Interests: 

Hispanic fathers’ role in child feeding, feeding practices, nutrition education.

Personal Interests:

Running and biking, especially through the trails in DC. I also enjoy painting and singing.



The Infant Toddler Feeding Practices Study-2: Understanding WIC Participation and Nutrition Outcomes for Toddlers and Children.
Hispanic Men Study 2: A Mapping Approach to Understand Unhealthy Nutrition and Physical Activity Behaviors
Hispanic Men Study 1: Development of a Weight-Loss Behavioral Intervention
Caregivers Gendered Preferences for Content and Delivery Methods of Nutrition Education
Parenting Practices and Adolescents Food Preferences during Independent Eating Occasions



Healthy Readers Newsletter


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The mission of the GW Master of Public Health (MPH) Public Health Nutrition program is to train the next generation of health professionals to integrate nutrition into all aspects of public health practice. Graduates will contribute to the development and improved efficacy of health programs related to nutrition, health promotion, and disease prevention.  In addition, the MPH in Public Health Nutrition degree coursework helps professionals to evaluate the best nutrition-related interventions to use at the community, national, and global levels.


The MPH in Public Health Nutrition at GW is a 45-credit program that full time students can complete in five semesters. The program provides flexible course offerings, which allows students to take up to 15 credits online.

Please visit the Master of Public Health in Public Health Nutrition website here

For further information, please contact the program director, Dr Lora, at [email protected]

Karina Lora
Phone: 202-994-4226
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2024 GW Research Showcase


Jasmine Charter-Harris, MPH, presents Toward an Understanding of Healthy Physical Activity Behaviors Among Middle-aged Central American Immigrant Men: A Concept Mapping Application.


2024 GWSPH Research Days

Lora 1

Amelia Morgan, Maria Hayes Navas, and Anthony Derosa present, Development and Process Evaluation of GW Nutrition Tips: A Nutrition Message Program for Parents of Preschoolers.


Lora 4

Jasmine Charter-Harris, MPH, presents Toward an Understanding of Healthy Physical Activity Behaviors Among Middle-aged Central American Immigrant Men: A Concept Mapping Application.


Lora 2

Sarah Patton presents, Influence of Live-In Female Partners on Adult African American and Hispanic Men's Engagement on Healthy Food and Physical Activity Behaviors: A Scoping Review.


Lora 3

Aishwarya Grandhe presents, A Qualitative Exploration of Control, Structure, and Autonomy Support Food Parenting Practices that Hispanic Caregivers Use to Feed Their Preschoolers Healthy Foods.